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Scooped by Darrell Kempfert!

O2 Worldwide Is Here. Perfect Product O2 Drops. Perfect Pay Plan. Perfect System.

O2 Worldwide Is Here. Perfect Product O2 Drops. Perfect Pay Plan. Perfect System. | Your Wealth Is Your Health! |


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Opportunities with benefits like these are rare.  Do yourself a favor and give O2 Worldwide a chance to help you not only obtain better health but better wealth!  Start now at:


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Pembroke Pines, FL — August 12, 2015: Inc. Magazine has once again included Stemtech International. Inc. on its List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Stemtech has now appeared on this prestigious List three years in a row and a fourth time in six years, a feat unmatched by any other company in the direct selling industry. Achieving this coveted accolade even once is much sought-after verification of a company’s consistent growth and a signal to entrepreneurs and the public in general that a listed company has a solid future. Inc. Magazine pointed out that Stemtech’s repeated achievement is especially significant “in the difficult economic environment of the past few years.” In a message distributed to the members of his international corporate staff and the tens of thousands of global Independent Business Partners in nearly fifty countries, Stemtech Co-Founder, President and CEO Ray C. Carter, Jr., congratulated everyone for
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Help your health and your wealth by using and sharing StemTech's Stem Enhance products with others.  Pass the blessings along!  Act NOW at


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Adult Stem Cell Nutrition - Natural Stem Cell Enhancer and Your Health

Adult Stem Cell Nutrition - Natural Stem Cell Enhancer and Your Health | Your Wealth Is Your Health! |

Image via Wikipedia The adult stem cell nutrition is the world's first natural stem cell enhancer, supports the natural release of adult stem cells which,

Via EJ Morris
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Stem Enhance by StemTech offers the latest in clinically tested Advanced Stem Cell Nutrition to support your body's own NATURAL release of stem cells, including the Telomere Support Complex.  Get started releaseing more of your own Stem Cells - the Master Healing Cells- in your body for better health today:


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Scooped by Darrell Kempfert!

Life-Changing Horse Nutrition Testimonials for Stem Cell Enhancer Granules Added To Horse Feed

Life-Changing Horse Nutrition Testimonials for Stem Cell Enhancer Granules Added To Horse Feed | Your Wealth Is Your Health! |

Real-life users of Stem Cell Nutrition Therapy for horses have had amazing results.  Here are words from just a few who have used this product:


Eve‐Marie Lucerne, Florida

Eve‐Marie keeps nine horses, “all older thoroughbreds,” and was eager to participate in the trials of stem cell enhancer granules for horse nutrition. She shared her allotment of test product with a few large commercial thoroughbred farms, veterinarians and other “horse people” she knows, and has been pleased with the consistently excellent results she has seen and others have reported to her. “This product will help so many animals,” she says, adding, “People and animals are more alike than we are different. So it makes sense that a stem cell enhancer for animals will be promoted as the "BEST HORSE NUTRITION" too.”

Eve‐Marie's pet product trials showed dramatic results. “For several horses facing serious physical challenges, cases where the animals might have had to be put down, we saw a return to quality of life. This did not happen before the added stem cell nutrition” Eve‐Marie says that this turnaround was quick, less than two weeks in many cases, and that the subject horses were back to health and enjoying pasture life within a month.

One of the unofficial trial subjects for the granule stem cell nutrition for horses, was a 30 year old donkey who was “in bad shape,” Eve‐Marie reports. “He had chronic respiratory difficulty and could move about only haltingly.” His owner had adult stem cell nutrition capsules to help with her own serious health challenges and shared it with the donkey.

“The donkey's owner says this is the first winter she wasn't sick,and her donkey is walking all around, feeling great and enjoying life again .. thanks to the best horse nutrition ever!”


Stephen Dick, Florida

Farrier and Natural Hoof practitioner Stephen Dick received some of the trial product from Eve‐Marie, and had good results with the two horses he selected for horse nutrition trial. For a 12‐year‐old quarter horse stallion, the equine product brought dramatic results. “This horse used to lie down twenty‐two hours of the day, because he suffered discomfort whenever he stood,” Steve reports, continuing, “After a couple of weeks with the stem cell enhancer horse nutrition, he was getting up and moving around, showing no discomfort.”

For a high‐spirited mare with a problem leg, the equine product brought about a whole new lease on life, Steve says. “This horse had been in a stall for eight months. After about six weeks taking the horse nutrition stem cell enhancer product with her grain, her condition had improved and she was out of the stall, walking around in the pasture again.”

Steve says that the mare's owner was so impressed with the results her horse received with the horse nutrition product that she began taking adult stem cell nutrition capsules herself for an inflammatory problem that had kept her in misery for a long time. Within weeks, the owner's discomfort was gone, and Steve had acquired a new customer for both of the great stem cell nutrition products!


Sara Vaughan, California

Sara participated in the equine stem cell nutrition product trials with her two horses and her 80‐pound mixed‐breed dog. She noted significant improvement in the health and quality of life for all three animals during the time of the trials. For J.J., Sara's 18‐year old quarter horse, the horse nutrition product brought about improvements in his overall mood, appearance and alertness quickly. “He really liked the product from the beginning,” Sara reports, pointing out that Hank, her 16‐year‐old thoroughbred/quarter horse, had not taken to the taste of it too readily. “I was able to slowly wean him on it, though,” she says.

For Hank, the equine product was a balm for the skin problems resulting from his allergy to fly bites. “His skin condition improved dramatically.” Sara reports, noting that before the equine product the horse had scratched and bitten himself into open wounds; after the equine product, the scratching and biting dropped off to almost nothing. Sara also noticed an increase in Hank's energy and liveliness in the first week on this fantastic horse nutrition product.

The horse's foot and hip discomforts also responded well, leading to a noticeable increase in his mobility and an overall improvement in his quality of life throughout the two‐month study. Sara gave the pet product to her dog Roxy, who had suffered for two years with ear problems that led to scratching, often until her skin was raw. Vet‐recommended remedies had been “temporary, quick‐fixes,” Sara says, but the discomfort always returned “with a vengeance.”

For the pet trials, Sara gave Roxy the stem cell enhancer product for two months, noting “this is the only supplement she was getting.” Sara says, “Roxy's problem with her ears definitely improved, the hair has grown back on her head and ears, and the ear problem has not recurred,” adding that Roxy is “happier and engaging, more playful,” thanks to stem cell nutrition tablets for dogs.


Judy Fisher, West Virginia

Little Joe was a small 18‐year‐old quarterhorse that Judy Fisher bought when he was nearly 400 pounds underweight. “You could count his ribs,” Judy says, remembering, “and his backbone stuck up like a ridge all along his back. He was very, very thin!” Little Joe also suffered from breathing problems that kept him lethargic and inactive. Vet recommended remedies were unsuccessful in changing Little Joe's physical problems, and the vet told Judy he didn't expect Little Joe to live through the winter.

When Judy was asked to participate in the equine stem cell nutrition product trials, she agreed. “I figured Little Joe was in such bad shape that anything was worth a try,” she says. She began giving the horse the stem cell nutrition granules with his feed and grain twice a day.

Within a couple of weeks, Judy was surprised to see Little Joe beginning to gain weight and to run, buck, snort and kick. His breathing was no longer labored and his skin and coat were improving. Within six weeks, Little Joe's overall appearance had changed dramatically. He had put on almost 300 pounds.

When his former owner came to visit, Judy says, “he didn't recognize Little Joe. That's how different he looked!” Judy credits the equine stem cell nutrition for the new life in her horse. She says, “Little Joe has regained his health and vitality in only a few weeks with this amazing product.”

Darrell Kempfert's insight:

There is hope for any beloved horse or dog!  No matter what the issue, give them StemEquine or StemPets so they can benefit from additional Stem Cells - the Master Healing Cells - in their bodies too!  Order today at:


EJ Morris's curator insight, February 24, 2016 7:01 PM

Great Equine Testimonials !  All horse owners should investigate feeding their horses Stem Cell  Nutrition Granules every day. Millions more Stem Cells in your horse's bloodstream will regenerate and heal tissues, muscles and ligaments faster! 

See More Horse Nutritions facts here


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BEST O2 Drops on the Market - see for yourself!

BEST O2 Drops on the Market - see for yourself! | Your Wealth Is Your Health! |
Darrell Kempfert's insight:

Put these exclusive Activated Stabilized O2 Drops (oxygen drops) to the test and see what they can do for you!  Place your retail order at


EJ Morris's comment, February 24, 2016 2:35 PM
Darrell, thanks for sharing the Oxygen drops comparison chart. I certainly see by the facts ,O2 is THE BEST !!
Scooped by Darrell Kempfert!

Use YOUR OWN Adult Stem Cells to Repair and Renew your Body

Use YOUR OWN Adult Stem Cells to Repair and Renew your Body | Your Wealth Is Your Health! |
adult stem cells repair sick and diseased bodies and stem cell nutrition releases millions more stem cells
Darrell Kempfert's insight:

Did you know there is a way for you to release YOUR OWN adult stem cells to help you fight disease and stay healthy?  This REALLY works.  I personally have a testimony of this product working for me! Try it yourself at


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