RÉSUMÉ La communication vidéo en ligne -appels vidéo, visioconférences, vidéos affichés en ligne - est rapidement en train de devenir une habitude dans la vie quotidienne de nombreux Canadiens. Nous avons mené une étude de cas sur les résidents d'une petite ville canadienne, explorant leur recours à la communication vidéo pour entretenir leurs relations sociales. Notre étude indique une acceptation enthousiaste de la communication vidéo pour rejoindre les personnes géographiquement éloignées, surtout quand les participants peuvent faire des économies, quand ils ont un rapport étroit avec leurs interlocuteurs et quand ils ont besoin de montrer des objets ou des expressions. Un souci de protéger leur intimité empêche une utilisation encore plus fréquente. La discussion considère ces observations dans le cadre de la théorie de l'espace public et du potentiel des communications vidéo en ligne d'être un lieu spécial permettant au gens de se rencontrer et se fréquenter plus souvent.


I have a friend in New Mexico who's an artist, so when she's finished getting some works ready to do in an exhibition, she can take me out to her studio and show me her stuff. Whereas before, she'd take a digital picture and we'd put it up, but she's there taking about it, which many times, she wouldn't think to put in an email message or wouldn't ... Because it's not live, I can't ask her a question, so ... live time, helps." (Female, 71 years old)


It's immediate. Over email, if you think about video calling as opposed to email or writing a snail mail letter, it's immediate. You don't have to sit there and compose and read and as we all know, written communication, while wonderful, there's nothing that beats getting a letter in the mail and opening it up. Love that. But it's prone to miscommunication, lack of clarity, so much of communicating is visual. Seeing the look on the person's face, seeing the delight in their eyes when they're talking about something that might not come through clearly in their voice, seeing the animation or the somberness or ... You've likely been involved in conversations, as has everybody else where you're talking to the person and they grow quieter and quieter, and you're on the other end of the phone going: I wonder what's going on. Are they just fascinated by my voice or ... And on [Skype], you see that they're actually crying because what you're talking about has upset them. (Male, 44 years old)


Source: http://search.proquest.com/abicomplete/docview/1112539054/139D9ADD1DE960F843/2