Texas Agency’s Web Site Warns of Border Violence | State Web Site Chronicles Drug Violence on Border Farms | Scoop.it

In videos posted on a Web site run by the state of Texas, farmers and ranchers describe a border war in which drug smugglers threaten their lives and livelihoods.


1. this article is about drug violence along our border and the effect it is having on ranchers.

2.the writer gives facts about a web site that is awaring people about the issue, and he uses first hand accounts from ranchers who see the issues every day on thier land.

3.the writer thinks something should be done to help the farmers and ranchers that are threatened by the drug cartel. he agrees with what the web site is doing to make people more aware.

4.the writer does state his opinion by saying,"Some ranchers talk about seeing drug smugglers in military-style uniforms on their property, describing the threats to their livelihood and lives as a border war."

6.I learned that there is a serious problem at the border and that our government should  do something about it.

 7.this article was written for an american who lives fairly close to the border, and even for ranchers close to the border.

8.the writer offered more than enough evidence to convence me that there is a definite problem at the border.


2.the writer used true stories and first hand accounts to persuade the reader to get the government to do something about the border problems and the drug cartel. the ranchers stories that he used really moved me to be persuaded that the border security needs to be tightened. i dont think that i would want to live in those ranches if i had to witness a "war" every day.