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Expert interview: 13 questions on Funding & Pitching (part 1) - The NextWomen Business Magazine

Expert interview: 13 questions on Funding & Pitching (part 1) - The NextWomen Business Magazine | Startups |
Expert interview: 13 questions on Funding & Pitching (part 1) The NextWomen Business Magazine Andrea Cockerton, pitch for funding expert Andrea Cockerton, founder of Mudhut Consulting, the Cambridge-based venture market consultancy works with...

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Get into the minds of Angel Investors: How do they Think?

Get into the minds of Angel Investors: How do they Think? | Startups |

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Want to know how 'Angel Investors' think?


Here are some answers on Quora  (7 at the time of this posting): the question was:

"As a first time angel investor, how do you approach a startup company you want to invest in?"

Mike Watson, Founder of SnapWorkSocial, SeriousLab...

Just ping me, ask for lunch, and tell me you have money. You'll have my attention. Not sure why it has to be more complicated than that.

Nicholas Chavez, Started and sold 2 companies. 

I've followed the following structure when I've heard of a company in which I am interested in investing:

1.  Read article about company
2.  Find CEO's firstname/lastname
3.  Search GOOGLE for generally accepted variations of FN/ if the CEO is a good one, his/her email address is out there.
4.  Send CEO an email congratulating re: article, ask 2-3 intelligent questions
5.  CEO sends thoughtful reply.
6.  Thank CEO via email, mention you will be in the area "next Tuesday" and you'd relish the opportunity to sit down and chat about company's future, mention that you have some funding contacts.
7.  Sit down with CEO one on one.  If you do this right, you'll get a tour of the facility and will get to meet the folks that make the magic happen.
Adam Hoeksema, Co-Founder -

Haha you are opening yourself up for a lot of entrepreneurs to start pitching you right here on Quora. 

I think you need to sit down with the founders of the startup and determine:

  1. What problem do they solve
  2. Are they gaining traction
  3. What they need
  4. Why they need it
  5. When they need it
  6. And probably a host of other questions, but you have to ask the questions first.
Alex Schiff, I've got one.

If it's sincere, this is the best way to me: Be a user of my product, compliment it in a non-overzealous way, give me a piece of criticism or feedback on how we can improve, and then say, by the way, are you guys fundraising? I'm looking to get into angel investing, and this is what I have to offer: one-line pitch on why you're "smart money" and not just anyone with a big wallet.
Pete Griffiths, Multiple previous startups. 

Cash in hand.

Mike Moradi, Startup Guy

Like any other deal, a warm intro would be the best way, preferably via a trusted intermediary.  I tend to be wary of unfamiliar stakeholders, though if a lawyer/accountant/friend/business partner can vouch for you, it helps greatly.

But the cold call may also work.  Depends on the CEO...
Marc Diamant, I try to be helpful on Quora

I love talking about my product and would assume most founders do. Thats where it starts. Twitter, Quora, Linked In that's where I can be found.

And another question, with 5 answers:

"What do angel investors want to see in a startup raising a seed round?"

Lee Weinberg, I invest my own money. That makes me an Angel investor. (Lawyer, Investor, Advisor)

  • A management team or real willingness to get one fast (after noting the product and customers, of course).
  • A good description of the product/business, addressable market and market size, and business model for making profits.
  • Some sense of who the customers are and the customer offering/sales proposition has been tested or discussed with potential customers.

Christine Herron, Co-founder/first employee at Cycle Pa...

Great team, compelling product, and believable customer acquisition plan.

Or-Tal Kiriati, Co-founder and CEO of, an ...

From my experience - it's the people, the initial team, that investors look at first (right after they got excited on your idea and I assume, at seed stage, initial execution...)

Ranjith Regulla, Love to be an Entrepreneur!!

It's the team which plays a major role, next to team idea plays major role..
Mike Prozan, Start Up Lawyer

Product and customers


Here at Business Funding Insider, we hear from both sides: the Investor, and the Funding Seeker. Check for more articles on 'Angel Investors' here:



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Direct links to the Quroa questions:


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How to Incorporate a Competitive Analysis Into Your Business Plan

How to Incorporate a Competitive Analysis Into Your Business Plan | Startups |
If you’re working to get a small business enterprise off the ground, one of your most important tools will be your business plan. This is the document you will show prospective investors that will give them the confidence and peace of mind necessary to hand you their hard earned dollars.
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DAVID T DEWBERRY's curator insight, November 8, 2013 8:31 AM

Most SBME know their busines, what they do. What most require assistance withis the business of the business, which is beyond what they do(the product or serivces they provide). The busines of the busines is the how they do their business, the Financials, HR, Marketing, Legal, etc.


There's the challenge and opportunity, why? They're so involved in doing, working in the business many never get to the point of working on their business. Most business plans sit on the shelf collecting dust on in a drawer never seeing the light of day. A living, breathing business plan that is followed, updated, executed is essentail to reach the business full potential. It dosen't matter if you're a start up or been in business for year, the formular for success is the same. Plan your work and work your plan! a workable business plan has an implemetation plan that is very easy to follow has specific duites and responsibilites with action items , who is to to do what where and when. SMART...Specific...Measureable...Acheivable...Realistic....Timeline!


The difference between just being in business and having a succussful business is how the busines owner(s) know and do the business of the business. Trusted advisors, consuktants can assist with expertise and guidance , the ulitmate responsiability and accountability is within the owners ability to not only work in the business , but to work on the business.


David T. Dewberry



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