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TotSplash Online Mind Mapping and Prezi-like Presentation App. Awesome Way To Organize and Present Ideas
What is it?
TotSplash is essentially made up of Tot and Splash.
Tot (short for Thought) refers to the Mind Map with a twist.
Splash refers to the Presentation mode, which turns your ideas into impressive presentations.
Thus, in short, it is a Online Mind Mapping and Presentation App, providing an Awesome way to Organize and Present Ideas.
Why use it?
Organize : TotSplash not just allows you to jot down ideas in detail, its unique layout is designed to help you stay organized
Present : TotSplash brilliantly converts your ideas into systematic and impressive presentations, thus, allowing you to concentrate on the content. Never have to slave through the tweaking and settings of a conventional presentation tool
No Setup : No downloads, no installation. Just sign up and start using instantly, or, just sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.
Any where, Any time : Never forget any brilliant ideas anymore. Open up the browser and start jotting them down. Presenting your ideas is just as easy, never have to worry about not bringing along your presentation to an important meeting again.
How it works?
Use keywords as the title of each node. Further elaborate it with descriptions or make it visual by attaching an image. You may drill down on each point to as fine grained as you like.
Present your highly elaborate idea using any of the 3 presentation modes
Smooth : this mode converts your idea into Prezi-like presentation with zooming and rotating effects, complete with an overview
Popup Deck : this mode presents each node as a Popup Slide and allows your audience to follow through your presentation with meaningful breadcrumbs, like a deck of cards
Pan and Zoom : this mode present directly from the Tot canvas view, by slowly zooming in to focus from one node to the next
Share your presentation on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
Embed your presentation straight onto your website / blog