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Mysimplegrid is the first model-driven spreadsheet that lets you organize any type of daily information. With mysimplegrid, you play with the data in a constrained environment, you collaborate and integrate the information. Stop managing related data in a classic spreadsheet and benefit from its simplicity. 
Its flexibilty is your time saver, Grid for simple data management
Features :
Create your DataModel
There is one important step between managing data in an excel file compare to managing it in a database management system: explicit datamodel. This provides you with a constraining structure for long term quality data.
First step is to create the datastructure with related item-types. For example, to follow-up a project you will need a Project item-type and a task item-type. And you will attach the adequat properties like project name, dates, etc.
Then you define each property's datatype. Project will have names which will be text input. They can also have a launch date for which you want a datepicker. You can add files, images, QR codes, etc.

2.Insert Any Data
Once your datamodel is defined, your grid is automatically built. That's were the power of the datamodel starts to work for you. No more merging and unmerging cells as you would do in classic spreadsheets. Depending on the datatypes you will have the adequat UI.
Just like most people, we have widely used classic spreadsheets because it is easy to use. So we kept most of the user interaction rules allowing you to navigate easily from cell to cell. Due to the specificity of data creation or management you get new shortcuts to create new datarecords.
Adding data is constrained by the datamodel that has been made so your colleagues will not be able to mess up your grid. The second avantage of it is the auto-merging that is made when you add children records. The parent item will always be at least the height of its childrens.
3. Play with Data
We see the spreadsheet content like a lot of objects spread on a table, sorted by type and linked with a cable between parent and child objects. We want to be able to change their position to disconnect the cable and connect it to another parent without having to manually change cells formats. That's what we provide with mysimplegrid.
Sizing content shouldn't be tricky. For us the important is the content, no the cell. We therefore let you play with the content format.
mysimplegrid will provide drag'n drop features in order to move objects around while constantly keeping the correct structure of your dataset based on the pre-defined datamodel built by the grid's creator.
4.Share your Data
Sharing is key for mysimplegrid. Even though your grid looks like a document. It is data that you are sharing. Structured data which you can reuse, publish and transform. All this makes sense nowadays if this is done collaboraively. msyimplegrid will provide you with a new collaboration experience while building quality datasets.
msyimplegrid allows you to share your grids and we work hard to make sure you'll be soon able to collaborate live on the same spreadsheet. Classic sharing options are available making your grid available for private colleagues or publicaly.
Not only the grid, mysimplegrid builds a community of users haring their best practices by receiveing from and providing to the community the grids that helps them to work efficiently on a day-to-day basis.