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Gobstopper is an ereader tool for schools that allows humanities teachers to put questions, quizzes, and video directly into the ereader text.

Gobstopper, a new online tool for Humanities teachers, revolutionizes how we give reading assignments and how students complete them. Gobstopper is an e-reading platform for schools that allows educators to put the questions and quizzes they would normally place in worksheets directly into the text. Teachers can make a quiz pop up at the end of the chapter that is automatically graded by Gobstopper. They can even embed videos of themselves explaining difficult concepts at exactly the moment a student encounters the difficult passage in their reading.

Gobstopper changes everything. Teachers no longer have to photocopy, distribute, or collect worksheets. They no longer have to inventory, distribute and account for the books they teach; and, they get amazing data every morning that tells them who did the reading and who didn’t as well as whether or not students understood things as they read.