Collaborate effectively on documents without any e-mail hassle
It's all About Your Boards
Conceptboard comes along with plenty of features enhancing the creation and further development of your ideas, drafts and all sorts of documents. Just draw on the resources and let your creativity flow.

Hassle-free File Uploads and Exchanges

On Conceptboard, you can upload and work with any kind of documents, e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and images.

Exchanging files without sending any e-mail gets easy as a walk in the park as files can directly be attached to your boards and made accessible to other team members or guests on the board to see.

Cross Device Collaboration

The use of Conceptboard is not tied to specific devices. You can collaborate with your peers on various devices as for example PCs, notebooks, the iPad and digital whiteboards – in most of the browsers and with any operating system.

Comment and Discuss your Content

You can directly comment and discuss your board content without waiting for the next meeting. Your team members can instantly or later follow up what you've commented on the boards.

Keep Track of Changes

Conceptboard keeps track of changes on your boards for you. In a synchronous and asynchronous manner, you can review all your board actions and those of your team members and guests too.

Embedded Chat and Video & Voice over IP

With the chat feature, you can discuss your ideas and drafts in real-time with other team members without adding content to your board.

Even more helpful are the embedded features of live video and voice over IP in the business, enterprise and educational accounts. By using them, you can stay in touch with your team members and guests in meetings - without having to use another additional software.

Live Locations and Moderation Mode

With the live location feature, you directly know where your team members are located on the board and what screen part they currently see. No need for long searches for the same spot on the board.

The moderation mode is available in Conceptboard for presenting your ideas and drafts to others. When you switch on this mode, only you can effect changes on the board, your audience just follows what you are doing. Presentations will be a breeze in this mode.

Smooth Board and Project Management

Conceptboard offers you an easy to handle board overview in order to manage your boards without confusion. Furthermore, you can keep track of projects created at any given stage.

Team Management and Access Control

Team and student management is a breeze with our Business, Enterprise and Education Licenses. You have a complete overview of all team members and students registered in the license. Furthermore, as administrator you have the right to add and delete user accounts.

In your Conceptboard account, you can control who has access to your boards in a smooth way. If you have a professional account, the access on the boards is automatically encrypted with SSL.

No Registration Required

You can easily collaborate and discuss ideas and concepts with guests, e.g. your clients, on your boards. They don't need to be registered on Conceptboard to work on boards but still it would be more fun if they are.

In-browser Screenshot Tool

You can take screenshots of whatever you want and import it to your boards. Just use our amazing in-browser screenshot tool which doesn't require any installation.

Text Highlighting and Annotation

On your boards, you can highlight and annotate your uploaded text documents in order to mark the most important elements for your work and further discussion.

Freehand Scribble Tool

Our scribble tool allows you to totally enjoy and play with your creativity. You can draw any form by using the mouse of the PC or laptop or your finger or a pen when using Conceptboard on a tablet or digital whiteboard. Just use it and be amazed.

Customized Branding of your Account

You can brand your business, enterprise or educational accounts with your company's or institution's logo and colors. As such, it integrates even better in your Corporate Identity and the tools you are already using.