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Blippex because Search shouldn’t be about links between machines, it should be about people and their interests.
And that’s was built Blippex!
Blippex is a search engine by the people, for the people. Individuals that have the browser extension installed tell us how long they stayed on a webpage. 
With that data was build a search engine and rank the search results based on the time people spend on a webpage. Blippex assume that the longer they spend on a page the more important it is. 
You are in full control and can even influence the search algorithm on the web page. 
Blippex was built with your privacy in mind.  
Features :
You are in control of what you search for
The Blippex search engine is in the hands of the people who use it. They have the option to anonymously provide the URL and time spent on sites they visit, which in turn, gives them a search engine that is constructed by user behaviour and interest. 
Blippex is based on what real people are browsing, giving you the ability to find the most relevant and popular results on the web. 
With Blippex, you can find results that have the most interest and popularity among the online community. 
Blippex build a better search engine 
Provideing a safe and anonymous way to contribute to Blippex. There is no registration or sign up process so you will never be personally identified when contributing. 
To contribute you need to install the extension, which will add your general browsing habits (URLs and Time Spent) into the search results. Blippex take privacy extremely seriously and want to be completely open and clear about it and how Blippex works, which clearly explains how you remain anonymous and your privacy is protected. 
At Blippex, they are aiming at changing the way people search and putting the power in the hands of the people who use it. We would like to see as many people start contributing and begin to change the way people find information on the web. As always we would love to hear you feedback to help us improve, so please get in touch.