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There are a lot of social networks out there these days. Beyond the basic concept of staying in touch, all of us who live and work on the Internet are using them to promote ourselves, our blogs, and our businesses through a variety of social channels. Some of us were lucky enough to grab the same short version of our names on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others... but many of us weren't!

If you're active on multiple social networks, you know the importance of unifying your message across all of them (and there are a ton of tools out there that let you do that already), but what you don't know is what your audience's preferred platform is. For a time, my own email signature was about seven lines, referencing my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ profiles along with the standard name/title/email/blog.

It looked ridiculous. Trying to cram them onto a business card looked even worse - and I was one of the people fortunate enough to secure the same username on most of the networks. Some of my younger friends were forced to use a different username on all of them.

Unify all of your social networks and blog in one place and get a nice clean profile with your pic, bio, and skills/expertise tags so your audience can follow you on their preferred network. You get a cool, short URL that you can use on your business card and e-mail signature instead of referencing multiple networks, and you don't have to tell people that goofy username you got stuck with because someone else had the name you wanted. Plus, you get access to our web tools so you can add a social icon strip without having to link to each network individually.


Share just one username for yourself or your business (ie; social.me/yourname).Unify all of your social networks on a single pageUse it on your business cardUse it on your e-mail signatureAdd all of your social icons to your blog or website with one line of JavascriptHosted in a high-availability CDN so it's always fast and doesn't go down!Your profile is all about you! Social.me is not a marketing company - there will NEVER be ads on your profile and we'll never email you unless it's a matter pertaining to your account