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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Free Genius Lunch Columbus, Ohio November 16 - December 3

Free Genius Lunch Columbus, Ohio November 16 - December 3 | Startup Revolution |

Free Genius Lunches in Columbus Ohio
I'm living in Columbus, Ohio at the Blackwell Inn on the Ohio State University's campus from now until December 3rd (being treated by Dr. Byrd at the James Cancer Center). I love meeting, discussing and learning from fellow startups, entrepreneurs, artists and cool smart people.

I'm stealing @Phil Buckley Genius Lunch idea to see what is happening in Columbus. Team Curagami stands ready to answer Internet marketing questions and learn new tips, tricks and ideas. If you would like to have a Genius Lunch in Columbus check the calendar and email when you would like to meet. 

Lear More Here  

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Should Friends and Family Invest in My Business?

Should Friends and Family Invest in My Business? | Startup Revolution |
Are you wondering if you should ask friends or family to invest in your new business? Learn the good, bad and ugly about this business financing strategy.
Ravi Bhatia's curator insight, March 4, 2014 3:56 AM

Should Friends and Family Invest in My Business?

Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, March 4, 2014 8:34 AM

Like walking on thin ice! The solution: treat them like professional investors, start with a great business plan!

Learn more here:

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Venture Capital Firms Disappearing, Those Left Think Market Improving

Venture Capital Firms Disappearing, Those Left Think Market Improving | Startup Revolution |
About 400 firms have stopped investing or gone out of business since 2000, by one count, but VCs are optimistic about the next 18 months
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Is VC As A Concept Dead Man Walking
Interesting article noting the steep decline of VC firms without a related decline in the number of startups. They credit the movie The Social Network (strange). 

I think the costs of starting a company are declining fast as OPP (Other People's Platforms) help entrepreneurs get started and prove a MVP (Minimal Viable Product). 

The article also notes an increase in angel investing. I would add alternative forms of financing such as bootstrapping and crowdfunding. Throw all of these ideas on the wall and one has to wonder if the idea of Venture Capitalists is either over about to morph into something other than what it has been. 


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Why Bootstrapping Startups Is a Better Choice

Why Bootstrapping Startups Is a Better Choice | Startup Revolution |

"In the age of startups and micro-enterprises, the first thing you hear about, when it comes to creating a new company, service or digital product is a whole new glossary of words starting ranging from venture capital to angel investors."

Via Robin Good, Wonil Lee Ph.D.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I changed the title here because the longer you can bootstrap your startup the less you give up and the more you get for your hard work.

Robin Good's curator insight, April 15, 2014 10:41 AM

Does a startup really need to raise venture capital?

I guess it depends on what its goals and values really are.

If you are after the magic opportunity to do what happens to one in a thousand startups when it is bought up by a giant company like Google, then you shouldn't hesitate to party down with the VCs. 

But if you are after creating something that has personal value for you beyond the money that it will make, if you want to keep steering the direction of your service and if you don't like to come down to many compromises, then be very careful about jumping on the VC funding train.

Here my own thoughts and ideas on why it is so important, for those in this second group, to avoid the funding dream and to go after a bootstrapping (and possibly crowdfunded) approach. 

Full article: 

Brenda Collins's curator insight, May 8, 2014 3:37 PM

If you can boot strap your venture then do so before talking to investors. Gather around you people who have no vested interest in your company except your success and will speak honestly to you. 

OneView Tunis's curator insight, June 15, 2014 4:12 AM

Profitabilité vs. service rendu. Tout se décide dès le début

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Royalty-Based Venture Financing, Born in Boston, Could Shake Up VCs

Royalty-Based Venture Financing, Born in Boston, Could Shake Up VCs | Startup Revolution |
Every once in a while, an investment model comes along that turns the innovation community on its head. The venture capital industry, still less than 50 ye
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I heard Harvard's Christensen discuss this new startup financing concept here: Got me curious enough to look up the concept of Royalty Financing.

There has been so LITTLE innovation in how we FUND things I'm ready for a FINANCE Revoluiton what about you?

Gregory Sparzo's curator insight, May 15, 2013 8:45 AM

Not Crazy about the graphic above, but the concept seems interesting.

Terry W. Beaver's comment, May 15, 2013 11:23 AM
Lose the graphic..
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, May 15, 2013 12:21 PM
Graphic changed, thanks for the feedback. Marty