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Get The RIGHT Startup Education
Twice a year my friends Chris Heivly and Dave Neal offer their "how to start a successful company" experience to another "class" of startups. What started as a Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC) idea is quickly gaining traction across America. 

Triangle Startup Factory's last class was 50% from outside the Triangle. You can read about TSF's last graduating class on a post I wrote for Atlantic BT when I was Marketing Director: http://www.atlanticbt.com/blog/triangle-startup-factory-fall-2013-showcase/

If you have "startup dreams" I highly recommend Chris and Dave. I'm applying for TSF's spring class. Even if CrowdFunde doesn't make it the business plan and I will be better for the experience! I can schedule some "open office' time and find out where I missed and what Chris and Dave would change too. 

Chris and Dave take a position in companies they include in their "incubator", but they didn't create such an influential "school" for money. Money, once you get to their level, is a scorecard, another feedback loop. Like everyone they would like to have more, but they will spend what they have supporting entrepreneurs with dreams. 

Supporting entrepreneurial dreams is what Chris and Dave love to do. They are all in and their joy, intelligence and insight are easy to see. Least someone think helping with TSF's content marketing means anything other than my admiration (lol).

I know Chris and Dave well enough to know if my idea doesn't have it they will tell me (by rejecting :). How valuable is that? I have ideas all the time, but figuring out THE idea to spend the next few years of my life and what is left of my poor 401k (after http://curecancerstarter.org), but have Chris and Dave's

But that's okay. Startups are the ultimate meritocracy. Your idea either scales or it doesn't :). Sure I have the best wishes of my "tribe" of supporters. As soon as I stop tweaking CrowdFunde I will share it for open comments before submitting to Chris and Dave. 

Help is always appreciated and how can I fail with the amazing friends I'm lucky enough to know. Friend who, like Chris and Dave, look for way to help and are living their lives for love not money. Funny, my friends who have been rewarding with the most money are grounded, love what they do, believed in themselves and others and wouldn't be stopped come Hell or High Water. 

Get your App into Chris, Dave and the team at TSF for Spring 2014 and maybe I will see you there :). Marty