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As creatives, we all want to produce work that's unique and worthwhile, but this often seems at odds with the commercial pressure to cater to the lowest common denominator. Yet the mass market isn't the only market with money. Find the right niche market and you could be in business, producing work you love in a way that'll keep you going right up to retirement.

Marty Note
When my ex and I created (now gone except in the WayBckMachine) helping Magneitic Poetry Kit become a $50M specialty gift we discovered two important ideas:

* Everyone has a gift idea they want to share.
* Alternative distribution can create everything from a lifestyle business to a big win.

At Found Objects we used the web as a great B2C testing ground and to keep our B2B partners honest. If our B2B partners passed on something we thought was cool we could make a market for it ourselves via direct sales.

This Creative Bloq post updates our Found Objects experience with the many contemporary tools that can help a dreamer realize their dream even without a Great Brian Yanish Scoop and post.

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