6 Experts Reveal How to Be a Content Ideation Star - BuzzSumo [+ @Curagami Co-Founder Phil Buckley] | Startup Revolution | Scoop.it
Ever been stuck trying to come up with a really good concept for a piece of content? If you haven’t then I think you’re lying. Content ideation can be incredibly challenging and we’ve all struggled.
I’m not talking about churning out yet-another-rehashed-blog-post, but generating ideas for valuable, unique and highly shareable content that your readers will love. It’s not that easy.
To help with the challenge, I’ve rounded up a mixture of six experts who do this daily and asked them to share their best tips. Whether you’ve just started your blog, or you’ve been doing this for years, there’s bound to be some useful advice below.
In a rush? I’ve summarised each expert’s techniques in a ‘Key takeaways’ section below.

Phil Buckley – Curagami.com 
For me, I need my team around me to function at 100%. Trying to create a great content idea all by yourself is …