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To start, or not to start, that's the question you've been pondering for some time. Maybe you're taking a leap from law firm or government practice to start your own, maybe you're a new graduate, maybe you've already started your...own firm.

Wherever you are in the decision process -- even if you've already started -- consider writing a business plan, because you are after all, starting a business.

Why You Need a Business Plan

A business plan is your road map; it allows you to set goals and form strategies. If you take the process seriously and do some soul searching, you may find that what you actually want, is different from what you thought you wanted. Well-written business plans can also be used as a sales tool whether you're trying to get financing, bring on a partner, or get bought out by a larger firm.

What Goes In a Business Plan

A good business plan will answer all the W (and one H) questions ..

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