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Tim Hartman is a man of many talents. The Pittsburgh, Pa.-based performer is a cartoonist, an actor and a seasoned narrator. And for over 40 years he’s been entertaining and inspiring the masses through the arts, appearing in local venues, on Broadway and in feature films.

Among his unique talents is the ability to masterfully convey a story — to draw audiences into the fray by capturing the essence of characters and the situations they face.

We asked Hartman to share his personal path into the entertainment world as well as some of his secrets for storytelling success.

His career began, he says, when he had an epiphany at age 11 or 12-years-old.

“[I was] telling a story about something that happened to me. Everybody was looking at me and I’m communicating something that’s making them all laugh,” he recalled. “And they’re laughing until they cry.”

It was this one moment — this telling of a simple story — that led Hartman to realize the gift he’s been given.

While many people may never act professionally or appear on-stage to convey a dramatic story, the skills Hartman has honed are helpful to anyone tasked with communicating a message.

From delivering a public speech to effectively addressing peers in the workplace, his advice is both beneficial and applicable. Hartman’s best tips, tricks and secrets to successful storytelling are below:

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