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Scooped by Lizzy Cussans

Department of Methodology's SPSS online software tutorials

Department of Methodology's SPSS online software tutorials | SPSS | Scoop.it
In 2011 the Methodology Institute (as it was then known) introduced a series of online video tutorials to help support students in using the SPSS and Stata software packages for the analysis of qua...
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Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals | Canvas Network

Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals | Canvas Network | SPSS | Scoop.it

by Lloyd Rieber 


"A quick reminder that I'm offering a MOOC on the topic of statistics in education. The MOOC begins on Monday (August 4) and lasts for 5 weeks (until September 9) on Canvas.net https://www.canvas.net/ . 


"Here's a link to the course site:https://www.canvas.net/courses/statistics-in-education-for-mere-mortals ;


"I designed the course for “mere mortals,” meaning that I designed it for people who want to know about and use statistics as but one important tool in their work, but who are not -- and don’t want to be -- mathematicians or statisticians. A special note that I also designed it with doctoral students in mind, especially those who are about to take their first statistics course. It could also be good for those students who just finished a statistics course, but are still fuzzy on the details. "However, this course would be useful to anyone who wants a good, short, hands-on, friendly introduction to the most fundamental ideas of statistics in education.  


"Here's my approach … I provide a short presentation or two on each statistics topic, followed by a video tutorial where you build an Excel spreadsheet from scratch to compute the statistic. Then, I ask you to take a short quiz — consisting of sometimes just one question — where I ask you to plug in some new data into your spreadsheet and then copy and paste one of your new calculations as your answer. (And yes, there is also a short final exam on the conceptual stuff.) 


"Examples of specific skills to be learned include the scales of measurement, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, and the computation of the following: mean, mode, and median, standard deviation, z (standard) scores, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (r), correlated-samples t test (i.e. dependent t test), independent-samples t test, and a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA)."

Via Jim Lerman
Lizzy Cussans's insight:

This MOOC will give you some basic information about the statistics that lie behind your SPSS analysis. This is vital so that you can use the correct analysis techniques and also understand and interpret the output.


Jim Lerman's curator insight, July 30, 2013 1:05 PM



Lloyd Rieber is a Professor in the Department of Career and Information Studies at the University of Georgia. He is also the Director of Innovation in Teaching and Technology for UGA's College of Education. His research focuses on using dynamic visualizations in the design of interactive learning environments, particularly microworlds, simulations, and games. He has over 50 international and national publications, including two books in the area of computer graphics and interactive multimedia. He is interested in visualization, accessibility, and constructivistic orientations to instructional design