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Syncing Social Media and Super Bowl XLVII - The Academy of Sport Management

Syncing Social Media and Super Bowl XLVII - The Academy of Sport Management | Sports Management |
Syncing #socialmedia and #SB47 - my latest post to @TheAcademyofSM click it -->

Via Alan Horton
Thomas Salvatore's insight:

Social media is at the top of its game right now. It's popularity is at an all tiem high and sports teams across the globe are using more and more. During the Super Bowl this past year a program called HoopSuite kept track of all the tweets about the 49ers and Ravens on Twitter and likes and Facebook posts on Facebook. This article is very interesting since it can track what athletes are being most talked about and what reporters are doing the most reporting on each. Social media is a great tool to reach out to people and also promotes the teams. You don't realize how many tweets people send out about certain teams until you see a study like this which makes it very interesting. Sport management has become very involved with social media due to marketing tactics and getting peoples names out there. The fact that you can keep track of hashtags and likes makes this a very interesting tool for sports teams and sporting events.

Jackson Hoffman's curator insight, September 7, 2014 6:42 PM

Superbowl and Social Media

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NFL Sign Deal with Dailymotion to Promote the Sport in European Countries

NFL Sign Deal with Dailymotion to Promote the Sport in European Countries | Sports Management |
iSportConnect combines business networking, an in-depth look at the latest sports business news and the market data, listings of events and jobs as well as market analysis to provide a one-stop shop for the sports business community.

Via John Beech
Thomas Salvatore's insight:

American sports are always trying to promorte their sports. The NFL is a prime example of a sport that is trying to gain popularity in other countries . With this video portal called Dailymotion you can watch live streaming of certain games and and highlights from most games. Dailymotion will be used in Belgium, France, and Switzerland. By promoting the sport overseas in the future you could possibly host games in these countries if the fans love it enough. Also fans may be more inclined to travel to the states and see a game for themselves. The article relates to sport management by the NFL marketing to more then just the normal United States football fan. By reaching out to other countries they could become more valuable with support from other countries. 

Cam Gravina's curator insight, November 6, 2013 10:47 PM

1. I learned that the nfl is promoting sports in the European countries.

2. I found that it was intresting how the NfL was promtmoting play in european coutries.

3. I selected this article becasue I love the nfl and thought it looked intresting by the title.

4. This will help the sports management industry because it will develop more money to the industry.

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Stunning amenities in Oregon's new football facility

Stunning amenities in Oregon's new football facility | Sports Management |

Via Joe Bisson
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Oregon Ducks football is known for their flashiness. Their new football facility was created with a lot of things in mind. From their own barbershop, special ventillation locker rooms, after shave in the bathrooms, and 64 individual tv screens that combine in to one. The facility cost 68 million dollars but the revenue they will make from national exposure that they will recieve for their work on the field will easily offset that. When an athlete walks in Oregon's idea is they will fall in love with the place. The better football players they can get to attend Oregon the more revenue they will make. This article connects marketing and coaching all together. The coach's try to market Oregon to the players through the new facility. This shows that in the sports industry you have to spend money to make money. Without this new facility Oregon may be lacking behind other schools to convince players to come to their school.

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Nightmarish Hermann has not considered resigning as athletic director at scandal-hit Rutgers despite 16 students' complaint and public airing

Nightmarish Hermann has not considered resigning as athletic director at scandal-hit Rutgers despite 16 students' complaint and public airing | Sports Management |
Julie Hermann is not resigning as Rutgers' incoming athletic director following a report that 16 years ago she humiliated and emotionally abused players while coaching the women's volleyball tea...

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Athletic Director's have a hard enough job, it doesn't help when you have a prior incident that comes up in the news that isn't good at all. Julie Hermann, Rutgers brand new AD was found to have humiliated and emotionally abuse players on the Tennessee womens volleyball team she coached. Publically she handled all the questions the best she could. She didn't hold back and she told her story. Being an Atheltic Director you face tough questions daily whether it's about the school, one of your coaches, or your self. This article catches the eye becuase it is a great example of how to diffuse a public situation. It's not easy for a story like this to die down but as the AD you have to handle it with the best of your ability.In life you get dealt challenges and you have to figure out how to overcome them. Julie Hermann shows everyone how to not back down and how to diffuse a situation and move on. 

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NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management - Forbes

NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management - Forbes | Sports Management |
NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management
Or, you can log in or sign up using Forbes.

Via Skip Boykin
Thomas Salvatore's insight:

Its amazing how two sports agencies can dominate the basketball world when sports these days are highly competitive. The Wasserman Media Group and Excel Sports Management are the two most valuable agencies in the NBA. A very shocking stat was in the most recent NBA Draft in June these two sports agencies represented one third of players selected.Wasserman Media Group represented four first round picks while Excel Sports Management represented seven first round picks. In total Wasserman had a total of nine players selected while Excel Management led with eleven players selected. Sports agencies a lot of the time go unnoticed but something as impressive as this needs to be looked at. When a company builds up its clientele it gains them the trust of college athletes who are going pro. The results of this are being multi milllion dollar agencies and gaining a new crop of rookies every year.

Aidan Shockley's curator insight, September 13, 2013 3:14 AM

This article has taught me that 33% of the players drafted in the 2013 NBA draft have contracts under either Wasserman Media Group or Excel Sports Management. I found it interesting that while Wasserman Media Group is still the number one sports management agency, Excel Sports Managament will negotiate the contracts of 4 of the top 11 draft picks. I selected this article to explore the differance between legal representation in sports management and front office work. This information will help me because I have learned to understand the control of the market and press in an appropriate way. 

Kerri Lyons's comment, September 18, 2013 6:40 PM
I guess one thing that always confuses me is how much effort goes into obtaining these players as clients but most are broke after 4-10years of signing on with these companies
Devin Dessormeau's curator insight, September 26, 2013 11:41 AM

This was very interesting to see the amount of money and the amount of attention that goes on at just the NBA Draft. Athletes with agents are already all over the headlines, with their agency not far behind them. It’s crazy to think how kids who are just a couple years older than I am are making millions of dollars with agencies supporting them and handling there every day problems. That is part of the reason why sports management is exactly what I want to do, I could possible be working with people who are my age or younger than me, which I would love to be able to do. Also, obviously the money is a huge thing too, the sports industry has so much money revolving around it, and this article showed that. Some sports agencies are making profits that are just absolutely huge. The third largest agency in the basketball world is making 684 million dollars by representing Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony and more. This 684 million is after losing LeBron James; you can just imagine how much more it would have been with him still there.


            I chose this article because it really can help me understand that every sport creates huge amounts of revenue, no matter what sport I choose, the big money will always be there. I was having a hard time deciding what sport I wanted to do, but no I know that it doesn’t matter which sport I choose, it matters what exactly I want to be doing, whether it is becoming an agent like this article, or being involved in marketing or statistics or whatever it is that I may choose. But that is the more important question now, after reading this article. 

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LeBron's Marketing Approach Leans Toward Calculated Partnerships, Not Endorsements

LeBron's Marketing Approach Leans Toward Calculated Partnerships, Not Endorsements | Sports Management |

Prior to Heat F LeBron James winning his second NBA championship, his marketing reps completely redefined the dynamic between a sponsor and celebrity endorser, at least in the realm of the iconic athlete, according to Michael Wilbon of

Thomas Salvatore's insight:

LeBron James is one of the most iconic figures in sports today. Most people don't realize the power he has in the marekting aspect of the world. The interesting thing about James is he's not only marketed in the United States but all over the world. James has Dunkin' Donuts ads that appears only in China, Taiwan, and the Phillipines. OF the products he endorses in the United States (Nike, Sprite, Beats by Dre) China sells just as much of them as the U.S sells. James from basketball alone makes around 20 million dollars a year but knows he can marekt himself and make even more. It's interesting to see how athletes use themselves to help market other companies and put more money in their pocket. He doesn't need the extra money but he's smart to take advantage of it. Last year alone James made 42 million dollars in endorsements more then double his NBA salary. He gives a new platform for athletes to use when they gain high popularity. Companies need LeBron to market their product so the ball is in his court. 

Austin Karp's curator insight, May 10, 2014 1:50 AM

LeBron has marketing reps who think outside of the box. This is a great read.

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The Cleveland Indians, Sports Agents and the Art of Negotiation

The Cleveland Indians, Sports Agents and the Art of Negotiation | Sports Management |
Mark Shapiro got plenty of lessons in negotiation while growing up in Baltimore, thanks to his father, Ron, a sports agent.

Via Jesse Jacoby & Emergent
Thomas Salvatore's insight:

Being a sports agent is a fascinating business. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up.Building clientele and being an excellent negotiator are two big things that help being a great agent. In the article you learn how hard being an agent can be and how you have to control your emotion or else you could end up making a bad deal. Another key learning tool is in order to win you have to give in and give what the player or team wants. Former agent Ron Shapiro goes in to detail about a key trait listening "that the most important thing was to listen, not talk like I did, endlessly".This article goes in depth about being an agent and what you have to do to succed at being an agent. Nothing is easy in the sports industry and when you become a agent you have to make big sacrifices to win. This teaches you how to handle these situations and what you can do to make smarter choices on your behalf.

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5 examples of how Nike, Adidas own college athletics - Portland Business Journal (blog)

5 examples of how Nike, Adidas own college athletics - Portland Business Journal (blog) | Sports Management |
5 examples of how Nike, Adidas own college athletics
Portland Business Journal (blog)
... reshaped college football.

Via Skip Boykin
Thomas Salvatore's insight:

Marketing in the sports world these days are very critical. Whenever you are watching or at a sporting event you can usually see the main sponsors on multiple things at the stadium or on televsion. Something that was suprising was that businesses have specific dialogue in their contracts about apparel.The University of Alabama contract with Nike says upper level administrators must wear Nike apparel.Therefore at a golf outing they must wear Nike golf shoesAnother example is the University of Washington contract with Nike mandates a Nike swoosh on the varsity volleyball net.  This article shows people what contracts between major division one programs and elite sportswear companies look like. People will be shocked to see the kind of stipulations in each contract. In the sport management industry it's all about making money. For companies you need to expose your brand to make money and these companies are finding unique ways to expose themself to everyone around the country.

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Getting in on the Gay: Sports Marketing to LGBTs

Getting in on the Gay: Sports Marketing to LGBTs | Sports Management |

Two of the biggest media sensations on the sports circuit right now, 22 year-old Brittney Griner and 34 year-old Jason Collins, have become household names and LGBT heroes. Their popularity has extended beyond the court and both are looking at the sweet benefits of being marketable.

Via Matt Skallerud
Thomas Salvatore's insight:

In the past you never saw athletes who were currently playing come out and admit to being homosexual. Now a days athletes are being supported if they open up about their sexuality. Recently Jason Collins an active NBA player and Brittney Griner possibly the WNBA's best player both came out about their sexuality. Thanks to them marketing strategies have changed. Nike became the first corporation to give an endorsement to an openly gay player.Nike signed Griner to an edorsement deal. Nike's marketing strategy is groundbreaking as they also showed support of Collins by providing him with a "Be True" Nike t-shirt for a gay pride parade. Nike is a prime example of how to be equal and not leave any group out. By selling apparel to satisfy the gay community they make their company more profitable. From a business standpoint Nike makes complete sense for up and coming businesses to leave your personal beliefs home when you leave for work.

Joe Mechenbier's curator insight, October 29, 2013 5:34 PM

Brittany Griner and Nike have an endorsement deal, but Griner will be modeling clothes for men, not women. This is huge for sport marketing because the LGBT demographic is largely unclaimed and Nike is annoucing thier support for the LGBT community.

Tyler Papania's curator insight, October 30, 2013 9:53 PM

This article focuses a lot on how two gay athletes have become very marketable because of their connections with sport. It speaks about the positives of marketing athletes in order to drive sales. It also shows that it pays to take advantage of a situation like that of Bittney Griner and Jason Collins to reach another market that might not have before been interested. 

Chris Melendey's curator insight, October 14, 2014 10:11 PM

This article talks about Brittney Griner and how nike is using her to market different kinds of products. Griner is the first openly gay woman that nike has sponsored. Girly clothes really wasn't her style so Nike is sponsoring her with mens clothes and Nike SB. This approach will broaden Nike mens products to women. I found this entire article interesting and this opens a different way of marketing for me.