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NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management - Forbes

NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management - Forbes | Sports Management 2 |
NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management
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Via Skip Boykin
Devin Dessormeau's insight:

This was very interesting to see the amount of money and the amount of attention that goes on at just the NBA Draft. Athletes with agents are already all over the headlines, with their agency not far behind them. It’s crazy to think how kids who are just a couple years older than I am are making millions of dollars with agencies supporting them and handling there every day problems. That is part of the reason why sports management is exactly what I want to do, I could possible be working with people who are my age or younger than me, which I would love to be able to do. Also, obviously the money is a huge thing too, the sports industry has so much money revolving around it, and this article showed that. Some sports agencies are making profits that are just absolutely huge. The third largest agency in the basketball world is making 684 million dollars by representing Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony and more. This 684 million is after losing LeBron James; you can just imagine how much more it would have been with him still there.


            I chose this article because it really can help me understand that every sport creates huge amounts of revenue, no matter what sport I choose, the big money will always be there. I was having a hard time deciding what sport I wanted to do, but no I know that it doesn’t matter which sport I choose, it matters what exactly I want to be doing, whether it is becoming an agent like this article, or being involved in marketing or statistics or whatever it is that I may choose. But that is the more important question now, after reading this article. 

Thomas Salvatore's curator insight, September 12, 2013 6:03 PM

Its amazing how two sports agencies can dominate the basketball world when sports these days are highly competitive. The Wasserman Media Group and Excel Sports Management are the two most valuable agencies in the NBA. A very shocking stat was in the most recent NBA Draft in June these two sports agencies represented one third of players selected.Wasserman Media Group represented four first round picks while Excel Sports Management represented seven first round picks. In total Wasserman had a total of nine players selected while Excel Management led with eleven players selected. Sports agencies a lot of the time go unnoticed but something as impressive as this needs to be looked at. When a company builds up its clientele it gains them the trust of college athletes who are going pro. The results of this are being multi milllion dollar agencies and gaining a new crop of rookies every year.

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3 Management Lessons From Pro Sports

3 Management Lessons From Pro Sports | Sports Management 2 |
Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said that running a football team is no different than running a business. Here's why.

Via Scott Span, MSOD
Devin Dessormeau's insight:

I learned that a business is the same as a sports team. You need to recruit the best players to improve your team to make them better, to make them work better. Businesses need good employees to do better work, to earn them more money. A business manages their teams, if a player (employee) isn’t working well in the right situation, the business will either get rid of that player, or move him/her into a situation that better fits his/her expertise of work. Finally, a business can always admit when they make a mistake, every business is going to make a mistake at some point. It’s being able to be truthful and say that you made a mistake that really counts. Covering it up and hoping nobody finds out isn’t going to get you anywhere because sooner or later, somebody will find out, and it most likely will backfire on you.


            It’s really cool to know that a business and a sports team are so similar and work the same way because I know exactly how a sports team is built; I have been on too many teams to count. I know what goes on, and that certainly helps me out if a sports team and a business work in such similar ways because that means I already have an advantage over some people.


            I selected this article because one day I would really like to be able to own my own business, I think that would be very cool and very fun. So I chose this article because it talked about owning a business and how you are supposed to run that business, and it connected owning a business to sports, which makes everything easier.


            It will certainly help me out a lot in the sports industry because after all, sport is a business, there are minor businesses underneath sport, but overall sports is a business, so knowing what goes on in the business and how to deal with the problems is a key in making a business work well.


Thomas Gerdes's curator insight, February 19, 2015 11:02 AM

This article talks about 3 major lessons any management team can use to enhance their business or whatever it is they manage.

Gary McKoy's curator insight, March 8, 2015 10:59 PM

The three steps in improving and developing an all star team professionally through management: 1. Recruit Differently 2. Manage Your Roster 3. Admit to your Mistakes

David Foster's curator insight, April 27, 2015 10:08 AM

3 great guidelines to beginning or sustaining a great management environment!

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Maryville University, Rawlings create sports management partnership - St. Louis Business Journal

Maryville University, Rawlings create sports management partnership - St. Louis Business Journal | Sports Management 2 |

Maryville University, Rawlings create sports management partnership St.

Devin Dessormeau's insight:

I learned that a big business and a small business could come together to make a big profit. By Rawlings coming together and working with the Sports Management Program at Maryville University, they both were able to come out with better assets. Rawlings benefited by having first hand interaction with hardworking college athletes and students. They got a better idea of what people were looking for. The school benefited by obviously getting a big name business to help their students out. The students received teaching and a hands on experience from a big name in the business that knows what they are doing.


            I just thought that it was very cool to see such a big name business like Rawlings would work with such a small school. It must be very cool for the 85 students in the sports management program there who get to work with the professionals in a field that I would love to get involved in.


            I selected this article because I love baseball I have played it for as long as I can remember. Obviously I have heard of Rawlings, they are one of, if not the biggest, brand in all of baseball. So to see that they started working with a small school is very cool to see.


            This information will help me in the sports industry because by reading this I see that any two groups can work together and make it work out very nicely. Its amazing what two can people or groups can do when they come together and work together. 

Dylan Wasserman's curator insight, September 26, 2013 8:18 PM

This article is about how a small school in Maryville University can come together and work out a deal with a larger company in Rawlings to allow their sports management students experience in the field to help build skills for their future careers. I found that this partnership will help these 85 students gain the skills needed to succeed in sports management by getting the ability to work with Rawlings and see how the industry is run/worked. I selected this article because I saw that a massive company is willing to give up its time to help and possibly gain employees through the program. This helps me in the industry because it shows that sometimes working with smaller name school or company can help you in the long run.