Nike’s Updated FuelBand: Better Algorithm, Worse UX | Sports |

Over a year after Nike broke ground with their dead-simple FuelBand it's issued a second-generation model that tasks the user with correcting its Shortcomings.


The most standout new feature in the FuelBand SE canon is how it shifts the responsibility on users to record certain activities that it measured with less than perfect accuracy before. Take yoga, for example: Once an Ashtanga class is over, you’re now able to dial into the app and pinpoint exactly how much you exerted yourself during class, on a scale of low to medium to high intensity. From there, your FuelBand will add points.

The key here is that the FuelBand SE lets you fine-tune the intensity of the class, instead of the device calculating points for you. Given Nike’s industry-leading position in the wearable tech space, this self-reporting requirement reads like a major departure from the original design intention of a carefully streamlined user experience.

Via Olivier Janin