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Shaquille O'Neal Lists His Supersized Orlando Mansion For $28 Million

Shaquille O'Neal Lists His Supersized Orlando Mansion For $28 Million | Sports at Circulo |
The NBA legend’s estate boasts a Superman bed, indoor basketball court and a colossal pool called ‘Shaqapulco.’...
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The “tire war”, the possible solution of this present in F1?

by Marcelo Cavallieri, Luis Fare, Facundo Gastellu and  Eduardo Soto

The Formula One season has a very sad present, but we think that the return of Michelin to compete with Pirelli, that is just the current provider, it could be the best solution for improve the racing level.

Currently, Mercedes has the hegemony like we saw last year and now from the start of the season in Melbourne. But that is not only consequence of the supremacy engine hybrid, also it depends on the Pirelli tire factor that keep things without surprises. So, if every team build their chassis by another tires provider, like Michelin, this may be close the gaps with the German team.

The ex-Williams and Red Bull (today as a commentator) David Coulthard, is in favor of "war tire" don't see any reason why Pirelli couldn’t compete with another company; as long as the cost could be control or without being an extra cost. The scotch said: "I have no doubt that Pirelli could built more treating tire.

Another protagonist of "Big Circus" in activity, Fernando Alonso (Mc Laren-Honda) express he is willing to see Michelín - Pirelli in Formula one. The Spanish driver said: "The competitions will help category because we all want to drive within the limits". He added his memory in 2006: "I experienced the fight between Michelín and Bridgestone (both company make high quality tires) and everyone accelerated to the limits. He concluded that sometimes in different track one tire was good in qualifying and bad in race. This derived in many strategic and obliges the engineers to have second thought.  

Also, it is important remember the difference between Pirelli and Michelin. On the one hand, the French tyre is most durable and has less degradation. On the other, the Milan home follows Bernie’s Eclesstone instructions. It means that tires should suffer a quickly degradation so the teams go to pit many times, and improve the show artificially.

Bernie Eclesstone argued: "F.O.M (Formula one management) and Pirelli have a contract and don't believe one new should replace this one". Added that Michelín don’t have support in from the paddock and the F 1 background is happy with Pirelli tire. In conclusions he is totally against "tire war", by this way, he close door to Michelín in favor of Pirelli´s contracts.

In our opinion, this is wrong. Today, this big circus gives to the public bad, boring and predictable racings and it is impossible to think that Mercedez does not win. Wouldn’t it be nice reedit the battle between Michelín and Bridgestone sometimes ago ? 

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The Conmebol Weaknesses Were Exposed in Important Matches

by Santiago Creado, Cristina Femenias and Cristobal Correa

CONMEBOL is an aggrupation who organises the international Southamerican competition of football. Their current president is Juan Ángel Napout, from Paraguay. CONMEBOL must guarantee  security and correct development of competitions. But lately, their weaknesses were exposed very often, especially in important matches.

The poor reaction of CONMEBOL after the incidents in the last superclasico of Copa Libertadores left several issues to mention. Delayed time to suspend the match was unacceptable. According to the rules they shouldn't take more than 45 minutes; however, they took 120 minutes. Furthermore, the decision was taken after a phonecall.

Besides immediate elimination, the public opinion expected two years of exclusion. Nevertheless, CONMEBOL ruled only eight matches without spectators. Now, FIFA analyzes punishing CONMEBOL for leniency.

In sum, we can say that CONMEBOL doesn't intend to eliminate violence in football. This could be accomplished with an exemplary punishment, but that didn't happen.

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Time to Think about Tevez's Future

by Allegretti, Lucas Casterán and Fernando Vera


It has been a long time since we started talking about Tevez's return to Boca. There were some examples of players coming home in good shapde and taking their teams to success. But in this case, the Apache should not come back right now.
First of all, he is in the best moment of his career, playing for Juventus, one of the biggest clubs in the world. Though he have lost the UEFA Champions League Final against Barcelona, playing the crucial game is already a merit in itself. Also, the Argentinian league has a mediocre level, if we compare it to the italian one. Tevez will be surrounded by worse players. It is not the same to receive a pass from Andrea Pirlo or Arturo Vidal than from Cristian Erbes or Marcelo Meli. It is not the same to associate with Alvaro Morata than with Andrés Chávez. Tevez will definitely lower his level in this context.
But he is breaking nets in Europe, why would he not do that in Argentina? Because football is a team game. You can win a match by yourself, but absolutely not a league or a cup, you need a solid team with good components to do that. Also, life is not just about football, and Tevez will have more distractions here, because he has got his family and lots of friends that like to party.
What if he feels that has completed a cycle in Juventus? Well, he is receiving offers from Atlético de Madrid and Paris Saint Germain, two top teams that want to make a step forward not only in their domestic championships, but also in the continental ones. Carlitos had not played in Spain or France yet, and this is a chance that he must not waste. Focusing on Atleti, being trained by an excellent coach like Diego Simeone, who is one of the biggest things for a footballer. The team from Madrid needs a top level player, and Tevez can fullfil that place.
Playing in football's elite is not a thing that any footballer can achieve, and Tevez has got a lot more to give there. His return to Argentina still can wait. When he have finished all his journey in Europe, he can get back to Boca, with the plan to carry on the team to the foreground.

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Violence in Football

by Ariadna Bianchi, Daiana Malaponte and Hernán Murias


In the last years, the violence in soccer in Argentina is frequent, inside and out of the stadiums. In 2015, there were more than  15 cases that had coaches, players, fans or the police as protagonists. In my opinion, this is the consequence of a sick and uneducated society. However, are there in other sports incidents of such magnitude? Is it our responsibility or is the security organism incompetent? Clearly, this is an issue that concerns everyone but there are few who are in charge and seek durable solutions. The key is identify the causes and act.  For the time being nothing has worked. Who are the culpables?


The popularity of this game transforms a match into a matter of life or death. So, the spectators act irrationally. Also, people are violent because the society (or part of it) in because it's the wrong word uneducated. Thus, in other sports we can not see incidents, although there is always an isolated case.

The justice isn’t severe. The result: impunity. The people think they will not be punished, consequently act violently in the stadium. Members of the Justice Ministry say that they do not have help from the rest of the soccer organisms and institutions.

The business of football is too big and the hooligans are not a sport apart case. Behind of them, we know they handle more than encouragement in the stadium. There are endless business. The management of public parking, the famous “Kiosquitos” (sales of low quality clothing), the resale, etc. These are some of the many things they handle and this gives the power to the club or leadership. We must ask ourselves: If we know everything that happens, Why not start to take away the power from those groups that only damage the Argentina of the world society?


We have to pay attention to journalism. Many journalists sometimes do not use appropriate words when they talk about football match. For example when they say: “It is a question of life or death” or “This match is a war”.

They are the first to speak and criticize all the violence of football without transforming those words into action to change it.

The change must start in the dirigencial done. They transformed the game into a great business that is destroying the football its essence and the society. The violence will not finish if we all act on their own interests and not a general good. Moreover, the society could have best education and have respect for the rules.  

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Sexual Identity

by Juan Camilo Álvarez, Jacobo Carrascal, Juan David Casasbuenas and Cesar Mejía


Sexual Identity is a very important issue now a days. Some countries have reinforced its acceptance with the development of laws that ensure people’s rights and sexual preferences are respected. On the other hand, there are other countries are more restrictive and have different legislation and don´t accept sexual identity; including actions with religious laws, culture and tradition. In this strict societies, people who elect other sexual preferences have been injured in severe ways, including death penalty.


Thinking differently or seeing things in another way does not mean that what others think or consider is bad, we are all unique and our points of view differ from one another. Choosing your sexual orientation is a personal decision and nobody should influence or push you to decide anything. You must be free and responsible to decide how you want to live your life, because it's only yours. This is why it should be established as a law.  


Currently, sexual identity is a topic frequently related to youth. We can see how society approves this topic, even more every day. That’s why there are more and more cases of homosexuality every day. Not because it is a homosexual society, it is because the new generations are more open minded regarding this topic. This motivates people to improve their self-esteem and increases confidence in themselves.


The average age when most people choose or establish their sexual preference is between 14 and 18 years. In Europe the countries with more “acceptance” are: Spain, Germany and Czech Republic, while in Latin America, Argentina was the first country to approve the law of sexual identity (2012) and by the date, more than 4000 people have changed their names and id´s for ones with sexual preferences. This Fact is a prove of how things are starting to change, and this is something that goes far deeper than just the sexual aspect, fore it is also very good news for those who respect and support freedom of expression, for example.


The sexual orientation of each person and their tastes towards any of the genres is a matter to be approached with respect and caution, because it can hurt feelings of those who make this hard choice. For all these reasons we can only say that homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality, are free and each person's own choices, but we think this is fine as long as the space of others is not disrespected.




According to the Church, men and women are created in the image and likeness of God and according to them, heterosexual marriage is the only one that should be allowed, because it is the only thing that keeps the idea of creation and nature of God. The position of the Catholic Church has always been against, they are totally opposed to people taking a different sexual identity because they consider that when people make that, they are not sticking with the plan and the way that God offers us to live our life.

They do not realize how this can affect people, do not realize that people should be free to choose who they want and the things they like or prefer and in that way people will be happier, they will find the happiness that is really what God he wants for everyone.

Feel different, think in an unusual way not mean it's bad or harmful. All are free to choose, prefer or do some things. As long as you do not get involved or hurt other people everything will be alright. If we all do what we want without harming others, we all feel better, we will be much happier and have a more tolerant world, there will be a lot of respect and most importantly, society and the world will be much happier.


Being Homosexual or bisexual being is as natural and should be accepted and respected as much as being heterosexual. It does not make you different, neither makes you less or more than anyone. So we should all start educating young people and children regarding this issue so as to remove the taboo, repudiation and disapproval that this still keep generating in many strictly traditional cultures or societies.


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VEGETARIANISM: A new way of life

by Magalí Devoto, Agustín Kubar and María Parajo Paul

People are becoming vegetarian for many reasons. Some people think that it is healthier than eating meat, and others say they do not want to kill animals only for food. So, why we are still killing animals for food? Give us just one reason to understand this situation in 2015, if we have a lot of options to replace it.


Firstly, people think that if they do not eat meat, they will not have all the necessary nutrients and proteins to have a healthy diet. However, there are a lot of food items that can replace meat, and give all the necessary things. For example all the legumes. Lentils with rice can be a good idea to supplant meat. Also chickpeas, sunflower, nuts or almonds.


On a vegetarian diet we reduce the consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol and avoid anabolic and mercury in meat and fish.

Milk consumption is associated with diseases such as diabetes, and eggs caused lots of deaths by salmonella every year.

The American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians Association of Canada argue that vegetarian diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and help prevent various diseases, including diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and obesity.


Secondly, some people say that vegeterians can not be part of different "rituals". For example in Argentina the famous "asado" where most of them eat meat. Nevertheless, vegeterians can bring their own food, like salads, vegetables or "milanesas" made of soy, quinoa or lentils.


Also thinking about the planet, livestock is the most polluting activity around the world, even more than the automobile industry. Gases and waste produced by animals pollute all the atmosphere, land and water.

Also commercial fishing devastates the seabed and pollutes the seas and rivers. All this situation is something that hurts animals and people worldwide.


Thirdly, most of the vegetarian people make this choice because they do not want to kill animals. Millions of them die every day in slaughterhouses in our country, in many cases without first being anesthetized. They live their entire lives locked until they are led to death.

Others argue that it is something cultural. They have always eaten meat and they will continue doing it.

Nevertheless, the vegeterians think that this situation can change in the future of our country and in the future worldwide.


A team of Swedish researchers at the World Water Conference said that in 2050, we will all be vegetarians. Not by choice but by necessity, because there wont be enough food to satisfy the hunger of the growing Earth population. We will have to eat fruits and vegetables instead.

So if we ate less animals we would save water and would have more land available for other agricultural uses.


In conclusión, there are lots of opinions in order to this topic. Some are in favour and others are against.

Anyway, te most important thing is to respect all the opinions, and especially respect the people who make this decision a lifestyle.

So, vegetarians and the ones who eat meat can live together and respect each other, but remember that if you are vegetarian, you help your health and the planet too!!!!!

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Retribution is Wrong

by Franco Barrera, Juan José Bona and Franco Scodelaro


"We cannot teach that killing is wrong by killing". This statement was discussed during the U.S. Catholic Conference and clearly these words reflect our position on this topic. Death penalty is wrong and not only because we are talking about a human life here, but also because retribution is wrong.

   People who kill or rape, deserve to spend their whole life in prison, but capital punishment is not the right measure to take. Despite the fact that death penalty was abolished in most of the countries, there are a few ones that still punish their society with this measure, mostly in Asia. In this continent, 70% of the countries consider that capital punishment should be executed to people who murder, threatens national security, commit acts of terrorism or drug traffic are homosexuals, among others.

   However, taking into account the rest of the globe, death penalty is considered a cruel act and so it has been abolished from the constitution through time. Oceania and South America do not have a single country in the continent that still practices this stupid and inhuman method.

   We think that is insane to punish murder with another murder. People deserve a fair trial. If this person is guilty, then we must analyze his or her sins and then condemn him or her by the seriousness of the crime. But obviously, punishing someone by taking their life is out of discussion.

   Life is a basic fundamental right and, however serious the crime that has been committed by the accused, no state can claim the right to remove it. It has been demonstrated time and again that it is not exemplary. More than justice, argument of its defenders, it's a revenge and prevents the rehabilitation of offenders. The frequent demonstration of justice's mistakes, especially now, when forensic tools have high reliability as DNA, is another clear practical reason against capital punishment. Despite these arguments, the US (not all-states) remains the only country in Latin.

   Although the number of executions has fallen in its territory, the US is one of the countries that advocate the death penalty with greater force. Presidents have always expressed their positions on this issue. George Bush (2001 to 2009) declared: “I don’t think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don’t think that’s right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people’s lives. I support the death penalty because I believe, if administered swiftly and justly, capital punishment is a deterrent against future violence and will save other innocent lives." To demonstrate that the discussion goes back to past centuries, we transcribe the president Theodore Roosevelt (1901 to 1909). He stated: “As regards capital cases, the trouble is that emotional men and women always see only the individual whose fate is up at the moment, and neither his victim nor the many millions of unknown individuals who would in the long run be harmed by what they ask".

   The death penalty is the result of a culture of violence, not a solution to it. The states that apply it on behalf of their citizens makes them accomplices, often against their will, deny the possibility of rehabilitation and reconciliation and promotes simplistic responses to complex human problems, rather than solutions to tackle the causes of crime.

   When the death penalty is used to suppress political dissent is abhorrent. When invoked as a way to protect society against crime, it is illusory and is always an affront to human dignity.

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Football, TV and politics in Argentina

by Tomás Díaz, Williams Parra and German Vitello

In year of presidential national elections, one of the topics which is under discussion by the main candidates for president, is the continuity of the free broadcast of football. While some of them, say

that it should be kept, others say it is a waste. Why would it be a good decision to keep “Fútbol Para Todos”?

In 2009, AFA (Asociación del Fútbol Argentino, the asociation that rules the football in Argentina) made an agreement with the government in which the State took control over the TV broadcast of Argentinian football. Before this, if you wanted to watch a match you had to pay.
While it seems positive, there are some candidates who think that this a waste of money because this means spending over 1.100 million of pesos, when this budget can be designated to real basic necessities that are not fulfilled, such as education, public health or security. Other basis said by the candidates is that because of the “FTP” the clubs will get a worse economic situation: as they are going to spend more due to the extra income they receive.
Another negative aspect of the broadcasting is that before the match, in the mid time, after the match and, worst of all, even during it, it is displayed propaganda that only talks good thing about the current government. This last thing is not only used by the candidates to show what they think is wrong, it is a common phrase that you can listen from the people.

Is the creation of “Fútbol para todos” THAT bad? On contrary of what detractors say, the product allowed everybody, anywhere they are to watch their team for free. It also means an extra income for all the teams of the country, and especially for those that don’t have the resources of the most important teams.
Despite the fact that more negative thing are said rather than positive, the mere fact of having a free broadcast of the most popular sport in Argentina is a huge benefit. However, it is true that there should be some changes in order to make “FTP” good in every way.
First of all, AFA should manage the money that the government sends to it and then to the clubs, to make sure that they use it for a good purpose. By doing this, the main entity of Argentinian football can assure that the clubs don’t go bankrupt because of the debts they get, caused by spending in excess.
Finally, we firmly believe that private publicity MUST be included in “Fútbol para todos”. If the government allow this, the budget can be covered with money that doesn’t come from the country (which means, from people’s wallet) and the millions of pesos spent can be redirected to education or security for example.
Yes, “Fútbol para todos” has to remain, but with these changes, to make it a good experience for everyone.

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Looking For Fair Play

By Rodrigo Etchart, Kevin Kyle and Manuel Rubio


The FIFA, it’s the federation who regulates Football in the entire world. Since a few years, the press and, some leaders secure that it’s one of the most dishonest federations of the world.

In May, the FBI irrupted surprisingly the central in Zurich, looking for 14 people, all of them, part of the committee. Those related for fraud, organized crime, and laundry money. They could just arrested 7 people, when they were in a luxury hotel in Switzerland, preparing the ceremony of president’s election, which was supposed to be on Friday the 29th between 2 candidates. The actual president Joseph Blatter and prince Ali Bin Hussein.  

Day’s after snitch, lots of confederation requested the renounce of those who are inside the incident, because they say that the FBI’s investigation it’s the most embarrassing moment on football’s history, so June the 1st, the president Blatter, give up his charge.

According to Loretta Lynch, the public prosecutor, “FIFA it is corrupt up to the highest levels”. We agree. And here we support the idea:

The “FIFAGate”: The most important and scandalous fact in Federation’s history it’s the last one, in Zurich, when finally FBI could show how much corrupts are the committee leads. They could arrest just a few leaders, because lots of theme were out of the central. But USA said that they won’t finished this up to stop with all of these corrupts.  We support the idea, because corruption has to stop, and justice, it’s the best way.

Little credibility in elections: Part of the press said that Blatter sent more than 20 letters with US$50.000 each, to Africans functionaries, for vote buying. It is may be the most famous fact when joins “corruption” with “FIFA”, because since Blatter it’s in charge of presidency, in all the Headquarter’s elections, it’s talks about vote buying, especially when Blatter has a very good relation with Africans and Asians dirigents, something critiqued by European and American Press.

Bribery on TV rights: According to Chuck Blazer, the Federation received more than 150 million dollar for TV commercialization. Money never declared. This it’s related with FBI’s case. Luckily, for football’s health, the investigation works and they could stopped a lots of dirigents. But it’s not finished. We hope justice will arrest all these people.

Strange Headquarters: In 2011, FIFA chose where it’s gonna celebrate the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. They selected Russia and Qatar respectably. But the problem it’s that Qatar has a very hot weather, very difficult for football players. So, leaders took the decision of moving world cup to Qatar’s winter. In November – December. Strange resolution. Some people said that Qatar’s leaders gave a lot of money to leaders, so they can choose it.

The 2002 World Cup hosted by South Korea and Japan was already infamous for its horrendous refereeing. The most suspiciously match were the round of 16 between Italy and South Korea, that ended 2 - 1 in favor of the co-host country. FIFA and Ecuatorian referee Byron Moreno were involved in match-fixing in favor of South Korea. That match the referee curbed the Italy's campaign with a series of red cards, unseen fouls and cancelled goal. It's clearly that FIFA wanted to ensure the host country's position in the tournament in a distinctive way.

Before South Africa 2010 World Cup, France and Ireland played a preliminary match. Closing the match, Thierry Henry made a Hand Goal, so France could get into the World Cup. Ireland complained about it, but anybody responded. Last week, they confirmed that FIFA paid bribery (5 million Euros) for Ireland’s silence.

Ex football players, like Maradona or Romario, critiqued FIFA strongly, saying that they are corrupts and they have to be in jail. Maradona, it’s supporting Ali’s candidate, and he add “If Ali wins, Blatter will go to jail”. All the opposites leads knows about the corrupts facts, but they used famous players, so it’s better for  

As it can see, FIFA it’s not clear. Since a few years it has legal problems, and here we confirmed some examples. We want that those corrupters get fired, for football’s health. For those who just loves football and don’t want to watch a business, because finally this it just a game. And the justice has to take part on this situation. If not, the corruption will never stop.


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A Disordered League in a Disordered Organization

by Federico Aldrighetti, Félix Cepparro and Agustín Ortega


This new tournament is an awful invention made by the disorganized AFA. When Julio Grondona was alive, everybody in the association supported the decision of starting a competition with ten more teams, but they found a lot of problems when they planned it. From the unique leg until the two months without football, let’s discuss the disadvantages of the “Tournament of the 30”.

The tournament of 30 teams has set people talking. Firstly, about the ten promotions. The majority of the added teams have no level to compete in the highest division of the Argentinian football league. The players of teams like Crucero del Norte or Nueva Chicago are not equivalent to the players of teams like Boca Juniors and River Plate, the biggest clubs of the country. Summing up, more quantity and less quality. The league will have two relegations and two promotions from B Nacional, and since season 2016 there will be three relegations and one promotion. That will happen slowly: in 2020, 22 teams will complete the table of the first category in a tournament of two legs. Meanwhile, it will be a monster of championship.

Secondly, the Argentinian calendar is not according with Europe’s calendar. Many European clubs will make their transfer moves in July and August, and many players of this league will leave their teams in the middle of the tournament. The sellers will have it difficult to cover the place of the outs with no possibilities of adapting their new players –just two- in a strong training before the second part of the season. In February 2016 the next league will start and it will last six months. The format is incredibly not determined yet, but the short duration will accommodate the calendar and make it coincident with the European year.

At the same time there will be just one leg, from February until December. Therefore, some clubs will travel more than others. For example, Godoy Cruz and Unión will have to travel to Buenos Aires to play against River and Boca, and they won't have a rematch in Mendoza or Santa Fe. The only rematches will be for the derbies, in an invented special week. Some teams have no derby in this league so they will have one assigned. But, playing twice against Independiente or San Lorenzo is the same that playing twice against Aldosivi or Sarmiento de Junín? I don’t think so.

And after December, what will happen? There will be a champion, the only of the season. That's one of the few benefits of this system. Also, the first six teams will be qualified to Copa Libertadores and from the seventh until the eighteenth will play a knockout stage to play next Copa Sudamericana in which there will be other six Argentinian teams. The other twelve teams will play for... nothing. They won´t have any matches until the next tournament, in February 2016. Two entire months without movement, a serious damage for a sport that requires a lot of consistency.

The money will be another factor. The biggest clubs didn't agree with the idea of distributing the incomes with thirty teams when before there were twenty. This is not surprising, but when Julio Grondona -former president of AFA and the most powerful person in the Argentinian football- presented the idea of a federal, integrator tournament, resigning the few quality of the league, even with all this problems, nobody opposed.

The project was approved and Grondona passed away in July 2014. When Luis Segura took his place, the protests appeared. The leading people of AFA saw all the illogical aspects of having 30 teams in the first division, but it was too late. The B Nacional had already started with two zones of 11 teams -the best five of each zone promoted-, and some teams of that division had spent a lot of money and entered into debts with the objective of make a strong team to play in the major category. Of course, nobody in the direction of a club would dare to say something against Grondona. But this time, it went too far.

In conclusion, we will see the real new league in five years. Meanwhile, a strange format will be the official in the Argentinian football, an unnecessary format because the change could be made simply, from one tournament to the next, just adding teams which haven´t the adequate level to participate. One more error from AFA, one of the large list of mistakes made in the last 35 years

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by Eugenia Barrionuevo and Lucas Romeo


“His technical quality, intelligence and vision is very important”. That can be the opinion of any Gunner in the world, but is not, is the Boss’s opinion. Arsene Wenger appreciate a lot the great season of Santi Cazorla, and his remarkable function in the team. Sanchez, Giroud, Mertesacker, Ospina, many greatest names make of this team a powerful one. So, Why the Spanish is so important in London? We have the answer.

The “Gunners of London” had a great season, winning the FA Cup against Aston Villa. In that match, Cazorla vindicated Wenger’s decision to keep him in the centre with a man-of-the-match award. Cazorla was magisterial at Wembley, impossible to pin down as he carried the ball dangerously and passed with precision.

The Spain midfielder had another influential season for Arsenal, claiming 7 goals and 13 assists while also adapting to a deeper position to accommodate Alexis Sanchez and Ozil in the same side. Rather than contributing goals and assists, he’s played a more withdrawn role, generally alongside Francis Coquelin in the second half of the season, and put Arsenal in control of matches with his reliable, slick passing.  His ball retention, vision and experience made him a perfect foil for Coquelin.

Santi Cazorla has been outstanding since he joined Arsenal three years ago, but this season he’s impressed in a different way. With Alexis and Ozil’s arrives, the doubts around Cazorla’s titularity were high, but he works nicely in Arsenal’s system: he usually offers something between the patient passing of Mikel Arteta, and the direct distribution of Ozil.

The 2-0 Champions League victory over Borussia Dortmund in November seemed to kickstart Cazorla’s season. In that match, he created both goals. More importantly, his performance was fantastic, with the Spaniard drifting across the central midfield zone and covering a huge area, regularly spraying passes out to the flank, and attempting ambitious balls into the attackers.

Arsene Wenger, the Boss, prefers to focus on the collective when he talks about his squad, but even the Frenchman found it hard to reflect on 2014/15 without lavishing praise on Santi Cazorla: "You could say that he was absolutely top, from the start to the finish, and he played more than 50 games. There were a few games this season when he was unplayable. He’s a model to watch. He’s a fantastic example that no matter how tall you are, it’s about how good you are."

But, what about the team’s opinion?  Here we have some statements about he:

“I think he’s been excellent this year. We’re very happy to have a player like him in our ranks. He’s very good on the ball, as we all know, and is now very defensively strong too.” Mesut Ozil

“Santi's a little magician on the pitch. You saw him out there so many times, how he wriggles out of certain situations, and he had a very good game." Aaron Ramsey

“Santi Cazorla is a spectacular player. You never know whether he will kick the ball with his right or left foot. Also, he moves with short but quick strides, which is a remarkable trademark too. Although I knew about his quality, playing alongside him makes me very happy.” Alexis Sanchez.

Yes, maybe Alexis Sanchez scored many more goals, but Santi Cazorla’s function in Arsenal’s game plan and his performance in the pitch are very important. Also, he is good for the team chemistry, because is a great humorist, and he has a very good relationship with the players and fans.

Many teams have put an eye on him in this pre-season, but he want to stay there, in London. So, the Gunners can be calm, because they have more Santi Cazorla smiling like a clown until his shows in Emirates come to an end.

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Is This the End, Manu?

by Martín Gonzalez, Oscar Irion, Federico Lobo and Solange Montenegro

After so many years in the basketball elite, Emanuel Ginobili, the greatest player of all Argentine basketball history, is nearing retirement even though partners , sports journalists, friends and all basketball lovers don´t want him to.


Manu start played in his home city, Bahia Blanca. His family is linked to basketball, from his father, Jorge (coach in Bahia Blanca) and his two brothers Leandro and Sebastián (retired players). His professional debut in Argentine Basketball League was in Andino Sport Club, team  La Rioja, in the 1995/96 season. One year later, He was traded to Estudiantes de Bahia Blanca. In 1998, he moved to Europe, more precisely to Italy. Basket Viola Reggio Calabria was his new team. He played for helping to earn promotion from the Italian 2nd Division to the Italian 1st Division. In 2001 Ginobili played for his second Italian team, Kinder Bologna. This was his more important moment until now. He won his first titles: 2001 Italian Championship, the 2001 and 2002 Italian Cups, and the 2001 Euroleague. One year later, He will have his biggest challenge, the NBA.


After losing the World Championship in Indianapolis, Manu Ginobili joined San Antonio Spurs. He played 13 seasons with the Texan´   team. With Tim Duncan and the French Tony Parker, They formed a society called the Big Three. Since his first season in the Spurs, Manu won eight Division Titles, six Conference Titles and five NBA rings. He also formed two times the NBA All-Star Game and also the All-NBA third team. And once the NBA Sixth Man of the Year and one time in NBA All-Roockiesp Second Team.

His debut in Argentina’s national basketball team was in the World Championship in Athens. He is one of the players formed the Generación Dorada(Golden Generation) with Luis Scola, Andres Nocioni, Fabricio Oberto, Carlos Delfino, Pablo Prigioni, among others. Between 1998 and 2014, Manu and Argentina won one Olympic Gold medal (2004), one Olympic Bronze medal (2008), two Americas Championship(both played in Argentina 2001 and 2011) and  one running-up World Championship. He was the champion of Argentina in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games.

In San Antonio Spurs He always had an average of 60 to 70 games per season, except for 2008/09 and 2012/13 when he played less than 50 matches. In those years, Popovich’s team not classified for the playoffs or lost in first round. In 2010/11 He played the most games in a regular season. In the five seasons than he won the championship, the last one (20013-14) is the season that fewer games played in the regular season, with 68 games, but he played the most games in the NBA playoffs, 23 matches.

This last season was the most complicated for him, with physical problems. Although the party has played 70 this season, none of those games was in the starting lineup. He have played 22.7 minutes per game, his the second worst regular season since his first season. After all, Spurs finished sixth in the Western Conference and they would play with Los Angeles Clippers, third in the Western. Finally the season over for Manu and his partners with a close losing with the Clippers in the seventh game.

In the middle of the season, Ginobili said that “it is so difficult for me. I need prepare for a game in so little time at this age. I need two hours to play at the top of my capabilities. This is tough for me ‘cause I want to play all the time in every game but my body is different than when I was young and I’m a little sad. I love this game since I was a boy. I’m a Michael Jordan fan and all my life is basketball”.


After a failed season, Manu Ginobili is in “Uncertainty time”, as he described his complicated moment. Greg Popovich said that he wants Manu in the next season. He wishes Tim Duncan and him play one season together but the shooting guard is not so sure about his future. His National Team coach, Sergio Hernandez, neither thinked that Manu will retire this year. Obeja (Sheep), his nickname, said that he wished he “played one more year”, this could be more for the national team and he will play the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. His Golden Generation’s partner, Luis Scola, wanted that Manu do what “makes him happy”. Until this complicated moment, the Argentine still not decided  to retire now. “I’m not indicted the retired”.

Ginobili’s career is one of the greatest in Argentina’s history. He won everything that he wanted, except for the world cup. I don`t see a motivation to continue with his life in basketball. In my opinion he still can play for any league or any team that he wishes. I only hope that he participates in the next Olympic Games in Rio and finishes his big career with the gold medal but some people don’t want this. So the great question for the basketball fans is,  must Ginobili risk his physical condition for one more season in the elite or He should  retire and watch the sport that he loves from another perspective?.


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Violence Against Women

by Alejandra Di Tullio, Luisina Perez and Sol Ortiz


Why do we have to be afraid of going out by ourselves? Why do we have to be careful of going out at night? Why do we have to take care of our clothes so as not to attract attention? Is it necessary to wait to be raped or killed for justice to do something? Until when will society ignore this?

The easiest answer the media finds to those problems is to blame us for provoking these situations, instead of encouraging society to change the way we are seen or thought of as if we were objects.

Through the years, the media have taken a leading role in influencing society in the way that women are seen and treated. In many cases, when a murder or a violence case was public, media have tried to blame women for their behaviors, as if that justified the aggression, rather than judge the attitude of the attack. Currently, despite being in the 21st. century and move forward as a society, some thoughts are still those of a primitive society where men have power over women and he can do with her anything he wants.

Justice has the most important role in this problematic. They should not only prevent these cases, they also have to take action. Compliance with laws is essential for there to be justice and for the offender not to repeat the same offence. Some judges, for example, named a case of death by gender violence as murder, when it should be called femicide. This is a difference because murder is a slighter conviction than femicide. Because of that, there is a possibility of leaving prison for many reasons. If the conviction was correct, this would not happen.

Society is also guilty. Assuming our responsibility is essential in order to change the collective assumption that men can do whatever they want with women and it’s justified. Street´s compliments are the most direct example. No man can believe himself in the right to say something unpleasant to women because she had a short skirt and humiliate her in public. Also, people should not continue to justify these attitudes like the dress of a women vouch for these acts. We should go out with the clothes we like and make us feel beautiful with the assurance that no one will tell us anything disgusting or demeaning or be likely to come to follow us in the street.

Anyone who’s reading this text will think: who cannot agree with this? Well, everyday examples indicate that there seem to be people who do not think like that. And it´s in the subconscious of people think the fact that “women have done something for things to happen to them”. This collective thought has to change by one in which nothing justifies aggression.

Finally, changes in justice are critical to saving lives.  We deserve new and better laws which protect women and punish the violent and refuge centers for victims of violence. We, women are already doing our part. We gathered in front of Congreso with the catchword “Ni una menos”. We rise to enforce our rights, our freedom. Now, it's time for justice and society to make change to respect and protect women. Because we deserve to go out by ourselves without fear, we deserve to wear whatever we want and makes us feel beautiful, we deserve to be protected and not to be judged.

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Manu, Parker, Duncan: Must the Trilogy Continue?

by Hugo Ávalos, Santiago Blanco, Bruno Filipi


San Antonio Spurs trio (Duncan - Parker – Ginobili) are like a good wine: the older they are, the better they play. When the season finished, the rumours about retirement started to run. With more than ten years playing together, they have the opportunity to improve the last season record and show they are one of the best trio in the NBA history. What is next for this players?

The coach, Gregg Popovich wants the continuity of Emanuel Ginobili (37 years old) and Tim Duncan (39 years old). But there are some problems. First, both players are free agents with no restriction of contract and their renovation depends on their decision. Second, the age do not have to be underdestimated. Duncan has been selected in the second NBA Defensive Team and the third All NBA Team. Ginobili didn't have a brilliant season, but he had a good finish on it. Both of them have a lot of humility, so they don't have many restrictions to re-sign their contracts.

Another topic which makes worse the problem is the contractualist situation of Kawhi Leonard. In the last months, the rumour of a higher salary started to run too. Apparently, the small-forward expects the maximum salary. In the NBA, the top salary is 100 million dollars for five seasons. The last MVP of finals is an excellent player for the Spurs but this contract would limitate the economic situation of San Antonio. In contrast, the general manager, R.C. Buford, hopes to make a good deal for the best of the franchise.

In last months, San Antonio was asking for the situations of some players who they are in the free agency and they can replace, principally Duncan, in a future. This players are LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol and Anthony Davis. Three good players with different situations. Aldridge is the power forward with more possibilities to sign for the Spurs. The Portland Blazzer's power forward is the most accesible of the three and he is a free agent with no restrictions. The other free agent with no restrictions is Gasol, but he is not very accesible like Aldridge because, without a doubt, he will have more attractive offers. It will depend which he will choose. Then, the case of Anthony Davis. He will be a free agent with restrictions in one year and his team, New Orleans Pelicans, will offer the maximum salary. For age and impact, he could be the best option but he is the most difficult to sign.

It is all cuestion of time, but what will happen with this trio? Can they play for one more season? It is possible. San Antonio Spurs must be intelligent at the time to make a decision for benefit of the franchise and, obviously, for the players. Because this trio, Parker, Ginobili and Duncan are the body and the soul of this team and that's something which nobody can discuss.

The age is a factor. Yes, it is. But the Duncan's season was absolutely incredible. It seemed he is not 39! On the contrary, Ginobili didn't have a good season, but we can't question his abilities and his importancy on this team. So, without one of this three players, for San Antonio is a new beginning and maybe they are not prepared for that. Even with Leonard.

His contractualist situation could be a problem, but Leonard knows that it is difficult to find a team better than Spurs where he can show all his abilities. The contract will be expensive, but thinking in future and thinking in the retirements of Ginobili and Duncan, Kawhi could be the leader of the team. He is a star and he has the conditions to be decisive in the future.

But the philosophy of the Spurs doesn't include only one man. That means that Leonard can not do everything. San Antonio will need people who can replace Ginobili and Duncan when they are retired. That is the reason because the press name Aldridge, Gasol or Davis as the possibilities to sign for San Antonio. Gasol is the most complete of this three players and with Leonard, they could form a hard defense for any team which play against this team. Practically, a big wall.

In conclusión, Ginobili, Duncan and Parker are the backdone of this team. Although they lost against Los Angeles Clippers in first round of the playoffs, it would be unfair question one round of playoffs when they have won four tournaments in last twelve years. It is true, they will not have much time until retirement, nevertheless the trio still can give something to this team. A new NBA finals? It would be a dream, but why not? In addition, they have more to gain than to lose. This must be the thinking of Ginobili and Duncan if they want to continue. Finally, San Antonio must show the class of team which it is and must take correct decisions for the well-being of the franchise in the future. Continue with the trio and make up little by little the team of the future.

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Boca will be punished

by Franco Griotti, Nicolas Flores, Emiliano Lescano and Elias Perez


A fan sprayed pepper in the faces of River Plate player on the middle the match. Boca Juniors kicked out the tournament after crowd trouble. The Conmebol suspended to Boca for the last accidents. The violence reign again on the Argentina football.

Officials from conmebol the south American Football Confederation, called the match off about an hour the incident and the river players were escorted from the pitch under an umbrella if riot shields.

River's manager, Marcelo Gallardo, whose side were 1-0 up after the first leg, called the incident deplorable and shameful.

Boca's president, Daniel Angelici, said he had spoken to his opposite and apologized for the incident but maintained the team should not ser punished for the actions of fans.

Conmebol officials at the game said a disciplinary committe would meet on Friday and decide whether to replay the match, complete it a neutral venue or award the tie to River Plate. Boca will be punished.

Cheap very cheap Boca cleared conmebol gave by lost the series of Cup Libertadores against River, yes but they did not suspend the Bombonera not vetoed the admissions tour moments for a year, as it was estimated that could happen. The ruling four-party talks behind closed doors and four without visiting public (their fans will not go outside or to Boca receive from other clubs?, plus $200,000 in respect of financial penalty.

The truth is that in the CONMEBOL assume that the party is over and that on Thursday at 22 River- Cruzeiro visit to the quarterfinals of the Cup of Libertadores.

In our opinion, punishment is fear, maybe more games in the "Bombonera" witch close door would have been nice. But, it's unfair too, because CONMEBOL never applied a punishment witch this level. Why start witch Boca Juniors? What happened in the Sudamericana Cup 2012 in Brazil was worse. What Happen? Low memory CONMEBOL? We don't believe that.


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The Luis Enrique Method

by Gonzalo Lemme, Julieta Mattei and Jacqueline Vezzosi 


The UEFA Champions League's obtaining on Saturday 6 June versus Juventus, crowned a magnificent season for the team coached by Luis Enrique. The Barcelona's trainer, that reached to brink of discharge after loss with Real Sociedad at the beginning of the year, beared more bad reviews of journalism's spanish, was overconfident in his football's idea and thanks to a superlative performance of the players,the Catalan team obtained for the second time in history, the triple crown (Spanish League, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League). 

Barcelona´s Campaign in The League was excellent. It got 94 points throughout 38 matches, with a total of 30 victories, 4 ties and 4 defeats,. which allowed them to get a 82,4 % of effectiveness. In addition it was the second team in goals in the tournament with 110 goals, eight less than Real Madrid. 

In the Copa del Rey, the statistics are overwhelming: Won the nine matches that played, converted 34 goals (average of 3,77 goals by match) and only received five goals. In the final, defeated 3-1 to Athletic Bilbao. The UEFA Champions League was the last tournament the "Cule's" team got. Throughout 13 matches, they won 11 and lost two. They converted 31 goals and received 11. In the last instance, won 3-1 to Juventus. 

At first, he was criticized because he changed the team´s structure, but after the match against Real Sociedad last January when Barcelona lost 1-0, the team opened their eyes and started to win all. Messi, Neymar and Suarez were key in this season. That could be only the beginning of a new Era. 

At the start of the season, Luis Enrique formed a team without Suárez, who was suspended. In this case, Messi played like a false ‘9’ in the area and Neymar by the left. Other forwards as Pedro, Munir and Sandro took place in the team, but after the debut of Suárez lost continuity. The uruguayan occupied the right band in the court, something that was not used. This way was wrong, so Luis Enrique was critiziced (specially Marca and AS –Madrid source-). Then, the coach chose to return to the normal sketch: Messi on the right, Suárez as forward and Neymar on the left. This was a correct decision, being that this South- American trident scored 122 goals in total between them. 

Marca, a newspaper of Madrid, generated a controversy between Messi and Luis Enrique, stating the player had argued with the trainer because he didn't put him in the initial team. But Barcelona became strong and escaped the rumours. 

We think that Luis Enrique reversed a hard situation, where he was very criticized. With his intelligence and the great level of his team and forwards, he closed a excellent season. 

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Messi: the Inhuman Number One

by Nicolás Abdala and Evelyn Sol Gonzalez Susviela

A lot of things have been written and said about Lionel Messi. It’s impossible deny that he’s the best football player in the world. Not only the things that he can do with his feet are a proof, we have records that he broke in 27 years with Barcelona and Argentina. For this reason, we believe that currently here he’s the best football player in the world.

He started to play in Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys. But at the age of 13, FC Barcelona showed a lot of interest in him. So they offered to pay for his hormone-deficiency treatment. The value of this treatment was aroud 900 dolars per month.

His first match in Barcelona was in November of 2003. And on 1st may 2005, he broke his first record as the youngest player to ever score a goal for the franchise. And that same year, he won the Sub20 World Cup with Argentina after beating Nigeria 2 – 1, both Argentina’s goals were made by Messi.

After this, he became a star. 2009 was an incredible year for him and Barcelona. They won The Champions League, La Liga, and Spanish Super Cup titles. With all these title on his power, Messi was named by FIFA the “World player of the year”.  An achievement that he won three more times, becoming the first football player to win this achievement four times.

In 2010 Barcelona won The Liga and Spanish Super Cup Championship. Two titles that they repeated in 2011. In this year, they also won Champions League and The FIFA Club World Cup.

In 2012 Barcelona only won the King’s Cup. 2013 was a better year and Messi won The Liga and Spanish Super Cup. And in 2015 he added three more titles: The King’s Cup, The Liga and The Champions League. With all this Lionel Messi is one of Argentina’s players with more titles in his career. He shares this podium with Alfredo Di Stéfano, both with 25 titles.

We must emphasize some unbelievable records. He is the all-time top scorer in La Liga with 283 goals and 102 assistances in 313 matches. Messi became the top scorer in the same season with 50 goals on 37 matches. In March 2014, with a hat-trick against Real Madrid, Messi became the player with the most goals and most hat-tricks in the history of El Clásico.  In May 2015, he scored his 77th Champions League goal to become its all-time leading scorer.

In conclusion, the statistics said everything about him. He broke every single record of the world in 27 years. This means that he can keep writing the history. Which must be his principal objective? Win a World Cup and that day nobody will deny him as the number one. All the time, they compare Cristiano Ronaldo with him. But the big difference within them is that Messi is compared with Maradona and others historical players, Cristiano Ronaldo is only compared with Messi. We don’t have more words to say about him because his talent is out of this world.  

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by Rocío García and Belén Grippo


The former president of the AFA, Julio Grondona, created a new large tournament where thirty teams participate. Although, some leaders did not accept this project, in February of this year, the tournament, started.
After six months, Can we say that the new project is a positive change? There are a lot of posotive points to highlight. At first, it´s more federal tournament, because many teams from provinces to take part in the best category or Argentinian football. One of the most notable features is that there ir one champion and each teams has its classic. Also, it is important to say that are less drops and the teams have the opportunity to create a long-term project to improve your performance. The arguments against cosederer by us are: The teams called "big" they are favored because they receive more money than others, this affects competition because there is disparity. Another point is that like is a tournment with a lot of teams we could say that lost it the football attraction because any team can play in the top fligh of argentine football, even playing well or bad. Finally, beyond the opportunities that have teams of grow in this tournament we believe was a hasty decision. Today we see in a lot of matches the little interest they have many of them. While it is a decision that many disagreed and they expressed when julio Grondona died, it will take years returns to the previous tournament. 
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by Pablo Berón, Victoria Esteve and Melisa Villalba


Do you think that sportsmen are the healthiest people? Well, think again. You may surprise yourself with how extreme physical effort could damage mind, body and soul. Every story has two sides, and this particular case leads us to unveil the one that nobody dares to speak about. Therefore, we will analyze particular cases that will open your eyes towards our every-day reality, making you think twice, specially when it comes to taking things way too seriously. 

Although sports are very well known for being essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as it battles the constant war between people and their tendencies to become sedentaries,not everything is quite as it seems. Sports aren't the only way to carry out a different way of living. However, everything taken to extremes can become threat to oneself, specially when it comes to high performance sports, sportsmen with no self consciousness nor limits and people who practice exercises without any kind of supervision. Those are basically one of the greatest challenges that our society faces. We are not being aware that every action has its reaction.

One of the main causes of damage to the body is working under pressure , either during a championship or a challenge to maintain the category . In cases like these, coupled with the multiple job competition, the athlete is basically forced to spend energy to the fullest range, regardless of consequences towards achieving their goals. To be clearer, here's an example: Usain Bolt , one of the most respected athletes worldwide, used hormone injections to develop his metabolism faster so that he'd get an advantage over his opponents. Here we can see how the body becomes a container of new and strange substances to the organism, and, without noticing immediate consequences , the athletes’ philosophy is just to justify their actions, claiming they are reaching improvements in their performance. But what is the limit? Perhaps this is not the real question to ask, but instead: Is there a limit at all? 

Maybe hormone injections do not cause irreparable damage or are not somewhat surprising in today's sports environment but what is it that happens when you consciously put life at stake? That should be a buzzing alarm to listen to, so as to put an end to this problem. Let's take the tennis match between the Argentinian, Leo Mayer, and Brazilian, Joao Souza, which took place in May, as a scenery for the prestigious Davis Cup. The Argentinean won after beating his rival after a match that nearly lasted a total of 6 hours and 42 minutes. Our society immediately labelled him as a "tennis hero". But wait, how about his health? What happens with the damages this extreme effort implies? We, as a society, are not being aware of the health consequences, specially after seeing the image of Mayer when being assisted in the ambulance, right after the game finished. Is this normal? And if so, how can we accept it as such? 

When thinking about football in Argentina, let us remind ourselves the recent and unfortunate story of Cristian Gomez, a player of 27 years who died in the field during a match of his team, Atletico Parana, against Boca Unidos . While the cause was listed as "sudden death", there are strong rumors that said that the player had a history of heart failures which were seen in medical tests, but they were always labelled as "secure and normal" for his age. This is the case of a boy who literally left his life at the field. As far as responsibility matters, he may not have been aware of the risk of playing with a mild heart failure, but what about his family? Did they know about this? And the doctors? Or even the Club that hired him once? Everybody seems to mourn his loss, but somehow, they all looked the other way when the medical tests were unveiling a minor issue.

Now, ask yourself one more time and make yourself aware to raise your voice so that everybody can listen: How many more deaths  do we really need to regret before we notice that changes must take place in our society? How many more deaths must take place so that people become aware that something is failing in our system? The authorities should take cards on the issue and amend the rules to limit the uptime in an official competition, in the wake of protecting the health of competitors. In addition, we think that each athlete should have a psychologist working altogether with the trainer, so as to avoid excessive burdens and to ensure a healthy and "within tolerable limits preparation".


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Abortion. Is a human life important?

Abortion. Is a human life important? | Sports at Circulo |

by Gonzalo Eseiza, Leonel Larrosa and Luis Rojas


There are over 500 thousand abortions per year in Argentina. That's almost one per minute. It is punished by law in Argentina, so most of them are made in illegal hospitals or houses. We think that abortion must stay this way,there are two human beings in danger here, we cannot play with people's lives like we do in a videogame.


Supporters would argue that women have autonomy over their own body and that it is their choice to become a mother. Yes, they have a point. But autonomy is earned by taking responsibility. If the woman couldn’t choose to use a condom when she was having sex then she shouldn’t be allowed to choose over a life. We have to think that a child is not a “thing” of which value another person can decide according to his mood.


What does the Church say about abortion? In 1973, the first presidence of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días stated: “The Church opposes to abortion and advices its members to not have an abortion and to not make it, unless rare circumstances when, according to a doctor’s opinion, the mother’s life or health is in danger or when the pregnancy is a result of rape and produces a serious emotional trauma to the mother.” That’s similar to what Argentinian law says. It justifies abortion only when life is in danger, health is in danger or in case that the mother was raped. It can only be performed by a qualified doctor.


It has been proven that in countries where abortion is legal, the violence from parents over their children has increased, even when they were planned. When a woman has an abortion it increases her possibilities of becoming violent and she transmits it to society. Both men and women can experience emotional impact after the abortion (after-abortion trauma), due to unresolved psychological, physical and spiritual aspects. Symptoms are similar to those in any posttraumatic stress disorder (depression, guilt, anger/rage, suicidal urges, fear/ambivalence of pregnancy, and more). The opinion of the doctors on abortion is very complex. Some believe that when they perform such an act, they are destroying a life. So the psychological damage they experience is very serious. That is why some of them consider themselves as murderers.


Some famous people gave their opinion about this controversial topic. For instance, Jack Nicholson’s mother was pressured to have an abortion, but she refused. This has shaped Nicholson’s view on abortion, making him one of the few pro-life celebrities. In 2003 Nicholson said “I’m very contra my constituency in terms of abortion because I’m positively against it. I don’t have the right to any other view.” Then, he added “My only emotion is gratitude, literally, for my life.” Moreover, Mother Teresa once said: “I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is 'Abortion', because it is a war against the child... A direct killing of the innocent child, 'Murder' by the mother herself... And if we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love... And we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts...” Furthermore, Mahatma Gandhi said -in his book All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections- “It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.”

In conclusion, abortion entails various serious risks and leads to important and irreparable consequences, both physical and psychological. In a few words, to perform an abortion is to murder a human being, because according to the Civil Code, a person is considered as such, since the very first moment of conception in the womb. This means that killing an unborn child is murder itself, it is the same that killing an adult. Of course, the easiest way to avoid an undesirable pregnancy, which may be ended in abortion, is having certain precautions during sex. Taking the basic responsibility of using a contraceptive method will definitely avoid a crisis in the future that can destroy a human life, or even two.

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