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This online magazine talks about being a sports agent.
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Scooped by Joseph Anthony Scarpelli!

Career profile: Sports agent — Brightside

Career profile: Sports agent — Brightside | Sports Agency |
Got your eye on the ball in the boardroom as much as on the pitch? Being a sports agent is about hard graft as much as glamour, but with the right skills and enough drive you can make it to the top.
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

            Being a Sports Agent is a different experience daily.  From busy travel schedules to representing different clients, an agent is almost very unlikely to be faced with the same situation each day.   A Sports Agent has to be able to argue any side of any case to make their client seem as desireble as possible.  He needs to work hard to get the best clients he can and help them to be the best players they can be.  It is important for agents to have a large network of friends in the media, in different organizations, and in other specialty fields.  These can help to offer a better package of potential to your client.  This article discusses the training needed to become a sports agent.  It says that there is no exact or correct education to pursue, but it suggests a good knowledge of sports, degrees and postgraduate qualifications in sports management, and a becoming a lawyer is also helpful.  This article suggests that sports agents should always be “on the call” and should be at sporting events of their athletes.      


This article showed me the daily life, activities, and skills needed to be a good sports agent.  It also alowed me to understand the hardships and struggels of the career. 



"Career profile: Sports agent." Bright Knowledge. Brightside, n.d. Web. 1 Apr. 
     2013. <;

David Monaco's curator insight, October 11, 2013 3:38 PM

Being an agent requires many criteria and knowledge in different areas to be a good representative. The sports agents of today are getting especially good at working with endorsments and how to represent their client. The big name athletes are getting more and more popular with the media and clothing lines and that means that the agents have more on their plate. The agents are needed for more things and need to be very knowledgeable in different things. They must have a very good comprehension of sports and how things are run in the different leagues. The agents and their athletes have to deal with very strenuous things such as free agency and trading. Contracts nowadays can make huge news headlines and it's up to the agent to get the best deal possible for the athlete.

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Drew Rosenhaus, Rosenhaus Sports - NFL Agent

Drew Rosenhaus, Rosenhaus Sports - NFL Agent | Sports Agency |
Drew Rosenhaus of Rosenhaus Sports is a certified NFL sports agent, Drew Rosenhaus is included in our sports agent directory with over 3500 certified sports agents from 10 sports leagues.
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

            Another famous sports agent, Drew Rosenhaus specializes in the representation of professional football players.  He received his bachelor degree from the University of Miami and his law degree from Duke University School of Law.  He is believed to be part of the Miami Mafia, a small and tight secret society that is influential in polotics and sports.  Their work has large impact on both a social and professional level.  Drew Rosenhaus is known mostly for his aggressive and unorthodox approaches to negotiations, recruitment, and drawing interest in the players he represents.  Some agents claim that Drew has violated National Football Players Association, NFLPA, rules in his aggressive pursuit of new clients who have agents, are coming out of college, or whom are unrepresented.  According to the NFLPA, no such violations have been found or recorded with circumstantial evidence to incriminate Drew Rosenhaus of any wrong doing or criminal activity.  Rosenhaus represents some of the best, most talented, and highest paid players in the National Football League.   While Drew Rosenhaus is a business shark always looking to gain his clients the most money some people forget that he is also very generous he has his own foundation and he is credited for saving the life of young child as drowned in a swimming pool at the Grand Floridian Hotel.     



This article showed me that inorder to be the best at your job one must be creative, an inavator, a shark, and a must have a desire to be the best.  Drew Rosenhaus embodies these characteristics.


Sports Agent Directory. Sports Agent Directory, n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2013. 



Ian Jorge Miller's comment, April 4, 2013 3:35 PM
Wow, Joseph! Very good job! I am truly impressed by your hard work. I find it incredible that such a talented sports agent like Drew Rosenhaus could ever tarnish his reputation by having an affiliation with the Miami Mafia! That is truly a gamble, especially when you are representing some of the highest paid players in the National Football League. However, I also do find it astounding how on the other hand he is a charitable and generous man, and also a life saver! He is truly a shark! I am sure that he must be intelligent, smart, and clever to be a sports agent who also has the money to support his own foundation, and to give so much money to charity. It seems as though the other agents who have accused him of violating the national Football PLayers Association, NFLPA, rules in his pursuit of new clients, might just be a little jealous? Who knows! The competition out there is fierce, just like in any other career choice or industry. Drew Rosenhaus has shown that he has the will power and talent to fight for his spot. You are right, Joseph, that he is very creative and has the drive to be the best.
Scooped by Joseph Anthony Scarpelli!

Becoming a Sports Agent: Job Description & Salary Info

Becoming a Sports Agent: Job Description & Salary Info | Sports Agency |
A sports agent's mean annual salary is around $92,000 per year. Is it worth the education requirements and time commitment?
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

The article from is a great first step into the world of being a Sports Agent.  It starts out with a very comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of the business.  The pros include high salary average, business independence, variety of tasks, and working in sports industry.  The cons include a highly competitive field, irregular schedule with long hours, high degree of stress, and unexpected problems.   The article then geos into a deep career description where it investigates the daily tasks, salary breakdown, job prospects, good skills to have, and tasks to expect.  The next slide gives a summary of the job requirements, licensing requirements, and skill set breakdown.  The article suggests a bachelor degree in a business, accounting, finance, or kinesiology.  The article also suggests attending law school and passing the bar, or having prior experience as an accountant or tax attorney.  The article breaks down having to be licenses to register and be an “official” sports agent.  Next, the article discusses how a furthered education, the proper skill set, and a desire to succeed can help one to standout in a competitive industry.  Finally, the presentation ends with a myriad number of options to pursue instead of being a Sports Agent. (This section is incorrectly titled Alternatives because you can only have one alternative, not more than one.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


I think this article gave a great break down of the risks and rewards of being a sports agent.  Also I think the articel helped me to see other porfessions like sports agency as an option.  This article also opened my eyes to different educational backgrounds to pursue.    



Diploma Guide. Diploma Guide, n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2013. 

David Monaco's curator insight, October 11, 2013 3:21 PM

A sports agent has a lot on his plate and has many things that need to be done . If someone wants to be a successful sports agent, they have to be up to the challenges to help their client and meet their needs. Sports agents have many different elements of their job that needs attention. Agents have to work many long hours and need to be very intelligent and know much about the field they are going into. The agent has to always be on call and ready for many different scenarios that could be great to devastating. The sports industry is a very tough business that could result in an athletes injury or a contract reduction based on performance and importance to the team, which could call for many changes to the agents role. 

Jamel Jackson's curator insight, March 26, 2014 4:13 PM

This website gives an insight on how to become a sports agent. Also it provides some basic information about what a sport agents duties, salary, and requirments.

Ryan Walsh's curator insight, October 14, 2014 8:15 PM

I learned that in order to become a sports agent, people must be very confident, be able to negotiate, and be able to handle a lot of stress. Sports agents travel all the time and their work schedule is never consistent. The best way to make yourself stand out in this industry is a higher education and gaining an advanced degree.

What I found interesting was that I didn’t know exactly how competitive this field actually was. The field is projected to grow 14% between 2010 and 2020 creating roughly 3,400 new jobs. Also I did not know that you must register to become a practicing athlete agent who works with students.

I selected the article because this has always been my dream job and I wanted to know the steps on how to become successful in the field.

This information will help me because all the steps to become a sports agent were covered in the article. All the requirements were listed and explained and gives me an idea on how to make myself stand out when I get involved in this career path.

Scooped by Joseph Anthony Scarpelli!

Working as a Sports Agent — Turning a Passion for Sports Into a Career

Working as a Sports Agent — Turning a Passion for Sports Into a Career | Sports Agency |
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

Writer Laura Jerpi of Southern University writes about the preparations, responsibility, and daily life of Sports Agents across the country.  The article tells that fans expect players to perform well on field and win championships and without the behind the scenes work of people like sports agents this would not be possible.  The article breaks down the competitive industry and displays the importance of a good college degree.  While going to law school is important, it is not mandatory and most agents will don’t pursue a law degree.  This is because most agents will have access to lawyers, marketing officials, and communication experts.  The Sports Agent’s job is to oversee the contract negotiations and managing the financial matters of the clients.  Some agents take a more personal approach and are very active in their client’s life.  The article says that there is no normal day in the life of a sports agent.  Their day is filled with travel schedules, prospect watching, talking to college players, and researching current players.  The author talks about how the most important learning experiences come from working with the teams and athletes on the field.   


This articel allowed me to understand the job of a sports agent and to understand the many difficulties Sports Agents face.  Also this article helped me to see the skills need for this porfession.    


South University. South University, 11 Nov. 2011. Web. 30 Mar. 2013. 


Jonathan Derks's comment, April 2, 2013 11:22 PM
Great article. You perfectly summed up the website. You did a great job of explaining the basic responsibilities of a sports agent. You also did a very good job of giving a break down of the responsibilities that a sports agent faces throughout their career and all the different things that they would access. Explaining their duties such as talking to potential players and traveling around was also very interesting. I also that it was surprising how they have a law degree even though many agent don’t pursue one it is still interesting to know that they might have one. Overall, I think that your insight really captures the point that is trying to be made, and how nice it would be to turn something that you are passionate about into a career.
James Pizzitola's curator insight, April 4, 2013 10:38 PM

When you grow up around a certain sport, you feel the urgency, as you get older, to stick with that sport, even if you don't become a professional athlete in that sport. Most people would find any way they can to stay in touch with the sport, because the sport itself is just so addicting. Becoming a sports agent is a great way to stay in touch with your own pastime and your inner self, although getting the job in this case is not the easy part. That is why most agents cling on to their job for the majority of their life. Becoming a sports agent usually takes a great rep in the sports and business world combined, and a degree in law would be a big bonus to getting that job from your client.

The agent, most believe, is one of the toughest jobs in sports. Their work hours are long and the contract making process between your client and a professional club is 24 hour work. Most kids hire agents just as they get out of their senior year of college, and they rely on their agents to do all of the dirty work for them while they go out and play their games and try to get recruited, which is also a very long and difficult process for both the player and agent. However, of course, being an agent does have its rewards.


 "SouthSource - A Publication of South University." Working as a Sports Agent. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Apr. 2013.



Scooped by Joseph Anthony Scarpelli!

Sports Agent Career - Become A Sports Agent

Sports Agent Career - Become A Sports Agent | Sports Agency |
If a sports agent career is your goal, our online course will teach you how to become a sports agent and get your sports agent career started today.
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

            Being a sports agent is a career that of great stress and pressure.  As an agent it is your responsibility to supply the professional sports players with their contracts and to help them through their professional career.  Some agent’s act as mentors, others as leaders, business partners, and some even as best friends.  Every agent takes their own approach and tactical strategy to achieve their ultimate goal of landing a contract for their clients.  In order to be a successful agent one must be able to market their players for new contracts, endorsement deals, charitable events, and personal appearances.  An agent also must have a large network of friends and allies in the sports world in order to gain clients and promote their name.  Promoting clients to teams and professional organizations in order to land contracts is very important skill for an agent.  Staying on top of trends and market value for players is also an important thing sports agents must keep up with in order to be successful.   Some of the most successful agents work either in partnerships or for agency firms; this increases the services you can give your client and the opportunities to succeed.


This article gave a full breakdown on how to be a good sports agent and what it takes on a mental, emotional, and educational level.  I felt this article helped me to create a mental path to being a good agent. 



"What Does A Sports Agent Career Include?" Become A Sports Agent. Become A 
     Sports Agent, n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2013. 


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Scooped by Joseph Anthony Scarpelli!

Scott Boras is the super sports agent - ESPN The Magazine

Scott Boras is the super sports agent - ESPN The Magazine | Sports Agency |
Get the latest stories and features ESPN The Magazine.
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

            One of the most polarizing and famous faces in the MLB, Scott Boras is president and owner of Boras Corporation.  He embodies the potential success and dreams of want-to-be agents.  Scott Boras specializes in baseball and has over 175 clients.  His clients tend to be the best of the best and tend to rake in the biggest amounts of cash.  Scott Boras, whose net worth is 175 million dollars, says that the only way he counts his victories is through the large amounts of cash he gets for his clients.  He is known for using advanced and large amounts of information to seduce his clients into spending hundreds of millions of dollars on his clients.  Most people forget that Scott Boras is not only interested in the business of baseball, he is a huge fan of baseball.  He has Dodger season tickets, Anaheim season tickets, San Diego Padres season tickets, Oakland season tickets, and San Francisco Giants season tickets.  In his thirty years as a baseball agent, Boras’ has revolutionized negotiations and earn his clients the most money of any North American team sport player, but along the way Boras has made more enemies than friends.        


This article educated me on the story book career of Scott Boras.  It showed me the great possibilities and monetary reward of being a sports agent.


Cole, Matthew. "WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE?" ESPN: The Magazine: n. pag. Print. 

Patrick Wareham's comment, April 1, 2013 7:30 PM
Your summary completely sums up what Boras brings to the table for professional athletes who are looking to hire an agent to bargain with teams to reach a contract agreement. His has many big-name, possibly over-paid clients, as a result of his strategy and smarts. You also captured how Boras is not very-well liked by teams due to his manipulative demeanor. Nevertheless, Scott Boras is the agent that any professional sports player would want representing them, because he will get every penny, if not more, of what they are worth. I also like how you included the fact that he's not only a businessman, but also has a passion for America's pastime as well.
Patrick Wareham's comment, April 1, 2013 7:35 PM
The author also does a very well job of describing Boras, by saying, "Scott Boras isn't ruining baseball. He's running it." That is the truth. He also tells us that Boras is hated for reason that he shouldn't. He is just doing his job. Which is true. He has become the most well-known sports agent ever. And the most successful as well.
Scooped by Joseph Anthony Scarpelli!

What it Takes to Become a Sports Agent

What it Takes to Become a Sports Agent | Sports Agency |
Guest contribution by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of sports management college. She invites your feedback at
Joseph Anthony Scarpelli's insight:

            Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the topic of sports management in college, writes the article “What it Takes to Become a Sports Agents.”  She breaks down success in the industry into five specific topics.  Education is considered to be the most important first step in most careers.  Kelly suggest pursuing a bachelor degree in a myriad number of fields and then going to law school to ensure that they have the proper law background to represent their client.  Her second topic is Intricate Knowledge of the Way Sports Recruiting Works.  The profession requires a knowledge of sports marketing, player market value, and an understanding of player recruiting.  Her third topic, Internship, may be the most important step into getting a job in any professional sports industry.  Kelly says that an internship in sports agency, which take place mostly in the summer, is a great way to experience the profession and get your name out.  Her fourth topic is Network.  Like in any profession knowing people is very important to get a job.  Her fifth topic Love of the Game,  which she defines as loving not only the players but every aspect of the business and understanding how to play the game correctly.                     


Kelly Kilpatrick's article tells the full story of being a sports agent.  She writes about the education needed.  This helped me to see how one perpares for this profession.  It also helped me to understand the economics of this career. 



Kilpatrick, Kelly. "What it Takes to Become a Sports Agent." Sports Agent Blog. 
     USA Today Sports Media Group, 24 Dec. 2008. Web. 30 Mar. 2013. 

Michael Frank's comment, April 2, 2013 8:21 PM
This article overall to me is very well written. Kelly Kilpatrick really explained what it takes to be a Sports Agent. You stated all the key information that was needed in this essay and to me it was very helpful. I looked at your website and it was also very useful making it a great choice to help you write your report. This is also a great essay because it shows the expectations that a Sports Agent should have. In order to be a sports agent you have to do the steps that are clearly in our report and also in the article. Your article is spot on and was very useful for me as I read it so for people who might want to read this and actually have a career in this type of job field this is a great article.
David Monaco's curator insight, October 11, 2013 3:45 PM

This article gives an oversight of the specific criteria that the popular sports agents of today have. Sports agents usually have prior knowledge of the way things are done and try to become known in the sports industry. Representing multiple athletes makes for a sports agnecy powerhouse and helps gives the agent popularity, which calls for big deals and less competition. The agent must also have a willingness to travel because they are going to be in different states and in some cases around the world. Having strong connections and endorsments is essential to becoming a rising star in the agnecy business.