Split hair ends is one among the most famous and ordinary hair problem faced by women regardless of hair types, age and the products she uses. There are many causes of split ends occurring among women. Split hair ends are frequent with women with elongated hair, but women with a fewer length hair also a victim the split end devil. People habitually concentrate on the split ends causes of hair ends to uneven trimming of the hair, but there are different other reasons as well, which result in split hair ends.

The medical name of split ends is Trichoptlosis.  Actually, split ends occur when the cuticle of the hair is swindled from the hair fibers, which is impracticable to be replaced. Brittle hair and dry hair are the usual reasons behind split ends.

Normally, hair splits into two to three strands, which are few centimeters long. Split ends causes to take place not only in the lower portion of the hair, but they can as well take place anywhere in the strand, where the hair strand is weak and injured. The following are the common Split Ends Cures for hair -

As the hairs grow long, the innate oils of the hair become incapable to reach the tips of the hair, making them dehydrated.Contact with the sun is the major reason of split ends.Aging of hair is also cause of split ends.Forceful toweling of hair subsequent to the baths is the main culprit causing split ends of hair.In the same way, hair is inclined to split more during the summer season. The temperature of the atmosphere is also accountable for split hair ends. Not only during the summer season, severe cold or rainy season also results in split hair ends. Regular hair perming and hair straightening as well shows the way to split ends in the hair.Uneven trimming is also a well-known reason for split hair ends.Too much washing and cleaning your hair, increases hair splittingHair braiding and hair coloring are prime cause of Split ends.Bleaching of hair not only obliterates the cuticle of the hair, but also results in frowziness and a dryness, which is thus well-known reason for split ends in the hair.Inexpensive and bad quality combs and brushes cause split ends in the hair. Extremely sharp teethed brushes and fine teeth combs also result in hair splits.Combing and brushing the hair in wet condition can cause hair splits to a great extent.Hair styling is one among the causes of split hair ends.Metallic clips, barrettes, brushes and combs may result in hair splitting.Exposed plastic rubber bands, Satin pillow covers, etc., can cause hair splitting.Back combing and rash combing the hair may cause dead hair ends with branching splits.Taking bath in water rich in chlorine and salt water also results in split hair ends.Using the hair dryer to dry the hair is the most famous reason for splitting of hair.


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