Spirit│OTS Group Insurance Agency
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Spirit│OTS Group Insurance Agency
“The true success is when the team is successful!” To realize your dreams in less than 3 years? It could sound as Mission Impossible to many; however, OTS has proven its ability to turn all these into Possible successfully! The answer lies in the OTS Spirit - Opportunity, Teamwork & System http://www.ots.com.my/spirit.htm Opportunity In OTS, we do not provide you a job; but a career with abundant opportunities to grow & excel! OTS leader’s top priority is to assist OTS members to pursue career advancement. Significant resources are spent to groom the Future Leaders; this is reflected on the number of new leaders appointed every year. We believe that OTS's success is built upon the Success of Individual member. This is the True Success we seek! Teamwork Teamwork is the middle name of OTS; hence, you never work alone in OTS. You can have all the support, advice & guidance you need from everyone & anyone! There are plentiful success examples in OTS, with the spirit of sharing and contribution, our scale & speed of multiplication of success continuously reaching a greater heights. In OTS, everyone can be the Champion! System In OTS, we believe all great salesperson are made, not born. What differentiates superior producers from mediocre ones relies a lot on how strong their sales foundation. Right from the moment you decide to join OTS, a series of program are lined-up to assist you in adapting to your new role with the right attitude, skills set & working habits. OTS system incorporates theories & practical experience, couples with your efforts & commitment, it gives you the passport to road of Excellence!
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