Indianapolis, IN 9th Aug, 2014, a successful and popular speech writing firm in the market has approved a momentous and long term customer acquisition strategy in a move many analysts say is in response to the massive rise in competition among leading players in the sector. According to a statement released by the strategy is simply designed to attract new customers to its services in the coming years and as it seems, the speech writer is indeed leaving nothing to chance in its efforts to maintain and expand its current market share.

Over the past five years or so there has been a massive influx of new speech writing service providers in the market. Although has maintained one of the biggest market shares in recent years, the competition for new customers over the last few months or so has been rising and rising everyday. In light of this a number of high profile players in the market have been setting in place a number of innovative strategies designed to attract new customers. However, many analysts say that the customer acquisition plan from is indeed the boldest move forward on the right track.

According to insiders within the speech writing firm the new strategy is divided into three major areas. To start with, will be looking to promote its services as great value for money and in fact, the provider is expected to launch a new discount next month to coincide with this paradigm. The company is looking to take advantage of the growing demand for affordable speech writing services and considering that other providers are yet to cut down costs to reasonable levels, this might just be a creative play by the experienced speech writer.

Secondly, has also revealed that it is working on the modalities of a new customer loyalty reward plan. Although in most cases such plans are designed to retain customers, the speech writing help provider notes that quite often reward schemes are also great motivation for new customers to choose providers. Finally, the company has also observed that it will use its proven track record in delivering quality speeches to great effect saying that new customers will love to work with a proven expert in the field.

Analysts in the sector note that the new customer acquisition strategy by has all the makings and ingredients of a successful one. It will be very exciting to see what the future brings in the aftermath of this plan but it's clear that is keen on making its speech writing services accessible to everyone. For more information please feel free to get in touch with its team through

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