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New images and movie of Konza Techno City masterplan in Kenya by Manhattan-based firm SHoP Architects.


Work is already underway on the pavilion that forms part of the first phase of SHoP Architects' masterplan for Konza Techno City, a business and technology hub that's been dubbed Kenya's "silicon savannah" 40 miles from the capital, Nairobi.


The $14.5 billion project will transform an area of grassland into a city of 250,000 residents. The city is expected to generate up to 200,000 jobs by the time its final phase is completed in 2030. The first phase, to be built over five years, will house 30,000 residents and be shaped like a row of "stitches" in the overall masterplan. The east-west axis of the first phase includes a boulevard of green spaces with bridges over the wide motorway leading to Nairobi. The four initial north-south axes will comprise, from west to east, a university, a residential area, a technology and life sciences district and a business district...

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