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Gender Inequality in Morocco Continues, Despite Amendments to Family Law

Gender Inequality in Morocco Continues, Despite Amendments to Family Law | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it
Gender Inequality in Morocco Continues, Despite Amendments to Family Law
New York Times
Three years ago, the country passed a new constitution guaranteeing gender equality.

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sydneyncollins's insight:

I chose this article to use for this project because it talks about how laws have been passed that change many rights of women and has raised the age that a girl can be married from 15 to 18. Even with these laws, there has been little to no change as it was researched because 90% of the trials that go before a judge allow these girls to get married before the age of 18. It also shows how gender inequality will not just magically change over night, they predict that to fully change a perspective in society it takes a whole generation, or thirty years to fully be established and accepted. This relates to the Half of the Sky exert that we read because at the young age of 11 a little girl was being forced by her parents to marry a man, who in turn did not allow her to continue her studies of education. 

Lauryn Phifer's curator insight, May 6, 2014 8:29 PM

I chose this article, because this article shows that Gender inequality has no limits. Like, in half the sky, gender inequality was so bad that its didn't matter, the women had to be with a male figure at all time. This is similar, because the male inherits the money and they don't even know him like that. That's not fair to them,  and its not even that the mother raised half the money, it's because they're women that he gets the money. 

sydneyncollins's curator insight, May 7, 2014 3:00 PM

I chose this article because the example of inheritance in this article is one of most likely millions of injustices that women have had to endure. This women was supposed to receive an inheritance from her father, yet when a step brother, who had never even met her father when he was alive, receives half of the inheritance because he is a male that was left out of the original inheritance. This could be used as a place example because this occurred in Iran, which they even created laws that are supposed to support and create more equality that have not worked . 

Carlee Allen's curator insight, May 17, 2015 1:24 PM

This article is about how Morocco has just recently passed a constitutional women rights act guaranteeing women's rights and gender equality. It has just also recently written its family code of law, stating divorce by mutual consent and raising its marriage law from the age of 15 to the age of 18. No changes have been currently made to inheritance though. The article mentions that Morocco will continue to try to make life within their borders as equal as it is for men as they can.


I think that this article is truly empowering and strengthening for women. I think that it is great that countries like Morocco are beginning to offer more women's rights in their country and I hope that more countries will continue to do this in the future.

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Birth rate by country - Thematic Map - World

Birth rate by country - Thematic Map - World | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it

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Static thematic maps - Institute of Marine Biological Resources and ...

Static thematic maps - Institute of Marine Biological Resources and ... | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it
Protected Areas in Greece. This is a map of our protected areas: the Natura 2000 network, covering approx. 27% of Greece's territory. Sadly most remain de facto unprotecte... Wetlands Around Athens. One of the HOS/HCMR maps at the ...
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The world map of chocolate (made out of chocolate)

The world map of chocolate (made out of chocolate) | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it
You may be focussing on chocolate over the weekend - but where does it come from? A global trade analysed. In chocolate (this is what maps are made for!


What is the geography of chocolate like?  There is a dark side (no pun intended) to the production of cocoa in many places such as West Africa. 

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Maria la del Varrio's curator insight, December 5, 2014 11:06 AM

I hope the production keep growing up. We need more chocolate and specially in Africa. 

Brendan Cooke's curator insight, August 16, 2016 11:16 PM

This artical is about the origin of where cocoa beans are harvested from and sent to around the world. It also adds the amount of cocoa beans harvested in each area.It is a quick overview of where the transportation of cocoa beans starts.

The page is an excellent site for quickly reviewing where cocoa beans are grown and transported from.

The site is relevant to my page because it informs the reader of where cocoa originates and the quantities it's farmed in.

Tennille Houghton's curator insight, August 28, 2016 3:22 AM
this is just about the production and how its changed from where it originally comes from 
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Thematic map of Africa

Thematic map of Africa | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it


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Younger Africa

Younger Africa | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it
Across Africa, a continent where the average age is about 19, protests have flared against leaders who may have outstayed their welcome.


This interactive mapping feature compares two distinct data sets in an attempt to show that the two are correlated on the continent of Africa.  The base layer of this thematic map is demographic, noting how much of the overall population in a given country is under the age of 16.  The interactive feature with point data describes the political unrest or instability in that particular country. 


Questions to ponder: Does the cartographer 'convince' you that Africa's having a very young (globally speaking) demographic cohort led towards greater political instability?  Are there other factors worth considering?  What does this map and it's embedded data tell us?    


Tags: Africa, political, conflict, unit 4 political, states, governance, population, demographics, unit 2 population. 

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Census Data Mapper

Census Data Mapper | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it

"This web mapping application provides users with a simple interface to view, customize, save and print thematic maps of the United States, using data from the 2010 Census.  The beta version contains a set of 2010 Census data relating to age and sex, population and race, and family and housing in the United States by county or equivalent entity." 

Via Seth Dixon, Emily Jordan
Seth Dixon's curator insight, January 23, 2013 12:20 PM

This month the U.S. Census Bureau has released the beta version of a very nice online mapping tool to display the 2010 data.  The mapper will create PDF versions of any map produced online (file sizes from 20-55KB) and the user can export the raw data to Excel.  While the user is more limited in how to display the data than they would using a GIS, this is a simple way to explore some of the basic census information.

Tags: statistics, census, GIS, mapping, cartography.

Jen-ai's curator insight, January 24, 2013 2:11 PM

mmm data. This tool is really useful for anyone planning on servicing an area with grown food. You can see the demographics of your chosen geographical area quickly.

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IWS | Education | Rainwater harvesting, benefits, how much rain you can collect

IWS | Education | Rainwater harvesting, benefits, how much rain you can collect | Special Purpose Maps | Scoop.it
Learn about rainwater collection and the environmental benefits as well as the various ways to use the harvested rainwater. Figure out how much you can collect from your roof.

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