Space Development Coop is a proposed cooperative that will build a space city to house about 2 million people. The premiss behind the economics of building such a large structure in outer space is space mining. All the material for the construction of the habitat will come from asteroids. The mining and construction will be completely robotic thereby eliminating the costs of human labor. Since all material is mined from asteroids, there is no cost for materials either. The only costs associated with the construction of the habitat are the building and launching of the robotic mining and assembly systems. The costs are the same to construct a habitat for 1000 or 2 million or any number of inhabitants.


The process of mining asteroids for the iron and other elements needed will also result in a great volume of marketable resources such as the platinum group as well as the rare earth elements. These resources have a high value on Earth and could be returned for significant profits. An asteroid of moderate size, 1km in diameter, could produce $1trillion in marketable resources.


A membership in the coop costs as little as $25,000 which buys you 5000sqft of space on the habitat for your home. Since membership is limited to 350,000, this means that if a $trillion is earned from marketed resources, then your $25,000 share would be worth over $2,850,000 or more than 100times on a 25 year investment.


The object of the coop is to make space accessible to almost anyone by amortizing the cost of a membership over the life of the project. As a coop, each member owns, contributes and reaps the rewards of the success of the venture.