URGENT: Call VA House Leaders - Stop Blocking the ERA | Soup for thought | Scoop.it

Del. Mark Cole's legislative aide said he is not planning on introducing the ERA legislation to be heard in the House committee effectively stopping progress on the ERA bill for Virginians and for our nation. This is unacceptable! We need to call and to keep calling Del. Cole and Speaker Howell. Ask them to allow a vote on the ERA bill HJ 12. The Virginia Senate bill passed with bi-partisan support 25-8. 

Tell your friends across this nation to call NOW!!!! One man has chosen to stop the path for economic stability for all women in the United States. Remind Delegate Cole and Speaker Howell that the number one issue for women is economic equality and women all across the nation are watching Virginia!

Del. Mark Cole (804) 698-1088
Email Address: DelMCole@house.virginia.gov
Twitter: @MarkColeVA

Speaker Howell (804) 698-1028
Email Address: delwhowell@house.virginia.gov
Twitter: @SpeakerHowell

Via Coffee Party USA, Deanna Dahlsad