True synchronicities are more than mere chance occurrences. They are characterized by a sense of meaning and numinousness. They provide a bridge between inner and outer worlds, between our private thoughts and external, objective realities. To distinguish synchronicities from mere chance occurrences Carl Jung stressed that they must always involve "meaningful coincidence" that lie beyond any explanation involving causal links and connections. 


Synchronicities also act as markers in time, moments of transformation within a life that occur in chairos. Thus, while causality ties us to our past, synchronicities can link us to our future. One notable encounter took place between Carl Jung and the Wolfgang Pauli. This meeting of people from two very different worlds will be explored during the course, including the way it led to Pauli’s remarkable series of dreams which caused him to explore the relationship between psyche and matter and believe that the time was at hand for the "resurrection of spirit” within the world of matter.

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