Curate Content and News Directly From Within Wordpress: The Storify WP Plugin | Sosiaalinen Media |

Content curation tool Storify is now directly accessible to all WordPress users. A new plugin allows to take advantage of all of the powerful aggregation, search and curation features available in Storify, right inside your WordPress account.


Key features of the Storify WP Plugin include:


Embed stories with ease — simply paste the URL to the story, and WordPress takes care of the rest.
  Easily add your stories to posts — just click the Storify button in the standard WordPress editor, and select from a list of your most recent stories.
  Create new stories and edit existing ones right from your WordPress dashboard.
  Adds SEO-friendly versions of your stories to each post, ensuring that your stories get properly index by search engines.
  Allows users with filtered html restrictions to embed stories.
  Extensive API to customize the plugin's functionality to meet your needs


Screenshots:  FAQ:  Find out more:  (Curated by Robin Good)

Via Robin Good, Gabriel Vasile