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I rescooped this piece from my topic "Mobile Marketing Strategy and Beyond" because I think it has important information we all need to be aware of and hopefully will get you thinking about how you are going to repurpose your content strategy for the mobile audience.


This piece was written by Shelly Kramer along with an infographic that shows you the activity on the web coming from mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, iPads and the like. As we all know the pace is excelerating and as the author says, it's very exciting. Beyond the exhileration,  I selected this article because the information and questions she asks you are timely and relevant.


"Mobile devices and constant connectivity are drastically impacting marketing and business strategy.


**Want to know what happens on the Internet in one minute?"


**30 hours of video uploaded and

**1.3 million video clips watched on YouTube

**639,800 GB of global IP data transferred

**204 million emails sent

**Amazon rings up 83,000 in sales (yes, in one minute)


Here are some important questions for you:


**Are you taking a good look at your business website and your analytics, which are your roadmap to what your customers are doing?


**Are you paying attention to how much traffic to your site is coming from mobile devices (and which kind) 


**are you watching those numbers grow on a month-to-month basis?


**What are you doing to adapt to the mobile consumption of data and information and how are you marketing to people using mobile devices?


**How are you delivering information to them and interacting with them?


**How are you making their lives less complicated?


**How are you making it easy for them to do business with you?


**If these aren’t things you’re already thinking about and working on–you’d best get going.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Mobile Marketing Strategy and Beyond"


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