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Have you and all your collaborators watched the OpenBIM video by buildingSMART Norway about why the AEC industry needs to change? I’m going to guess no, since—as of me writing this—the video has only about 5,100 views. It’s a great explanation of the benefits of BIM and OpenBIM (which really should just be BIM, because really is there any reason NOT to be open?).


The video goes through how each key player uses BIM, from client to design team to building authority to contractor (and subs/product vendors) to property caretaker. Design team is such a better term than architect, engineer, etc. as it’s a good reminder that during the design phase the owner/author of the BIM isn’t one individual or entity, but a group. Likewise I think if we say that it’s design team, construction team, etc. then we can remember that within each of those groups are often all the players. So the design team, which might be led by the architect, includes the architect, the contractor, interior designers, the owner, etc. Likewise the construction team might have all those same players but be led by a different individual/company. This seems pretty critical to success when trying to get the most out of BIM. All these individuals need to be involved throughout the life cycle of BIM and the project, but over time the leader needs to change.  I know we’ve all been in situations where the wrong entity has been running the wrong phase of the project. It’s never fun when the contractor, client, or architect is calling the shots when they should really be listening and advising.

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