Sony Beats Google Fiber: Launched 2Gbps Internet Connection | Be Updated | Sony introduced high speed internet in japan |
It was Last Week of January when we saw Google Fiber coming up with 1Gbps connection in Kansas City, US and Startup Village, Kerala rejoiced whole internet lovers. It was Google fiber which made people pop out with a “WoW”. But, what if BeUpdated says that Sony launched 2Gbps Internet connection, world’s fastest home Internet service in a limited number of prefectures in Japan. According to report: The Nuro Light network, as the new service has achieved a upload bandwidth peak value of 1 Gbps and Download peak value of 2Gbps. It will not be a tough issue when it comes to comparing values of Google Fiber and Sony affiliated Internet provider (So-Net). Google Fiber delivers a gigabit speed which is just a half of this new Internet Bandwidth afforded by the new Nuro service. The Focus point of this internet service is its bandwidth and its monthly subscription cost. When compared to Google fiber, So-Net offers this 2Gbps download speed at a monthly amount of 4,980 Yen or $51 or about Rs.