Solar inverter,PV Inverter,Solar photovoltaic system
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Solar inverter,PV Inverter,Solar photovoltaic system
The OMnik Solar inverter is a highly reliable DC-AC PV inverter, supply the excellent solution with high efficiency for your power system
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Stage 2: inverter / 12v outlet. Next is the solar...

Stage 2: inverter / 12v outlet. Next is the solar... | Solar inverter,PV Inverter,Solar photovoltaic system |

Omniksol solar inverter ranked on the innovative and high technology products list, it signs that Omniksol PV inverter has reached the advanced level domestically in the application technology,

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Omnik solar inverter.World famous manufactures and exporters from Suzhou,China.which have abtaine the international certifications including 83/59,VDE0126-1-1,SAA,ENEL etc.we provice you with professional PV system application solutions and omnibearing service.more info please landing our website
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Omnik solar inverter awarded G83 certification

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Recently, Omnik TL series inverters successfully obtained G83 certificate,The TL series was awarded the honor again after the series of certification including VDE, VDE / GS, CE etc., This certification also laid the foundation for the Omniksol small power inverters in the British market

TL series inverter, which as the classic products in small power products is fully design and R&D in accordance with home and commercial applications. TL series product includes TL1.5K / TL2.0K / TL3.0K / TL4.0K, with stable performance, high reliability and ease installation etc. outstanding features. Meanwhile adopting the
Unique high frequency invertion technology, island protection technology and Multi-MPP tracking technology, made our products equipped with maximum efficiency 97.4%, European efficiency 96.6%and MPP tracking accuracy 99.9%.

According to the relevant regulation, solar inverter in UK, except meet the EU quality requirement, also have to meet the electric power association issued G83/1 standard.
UK distribution network management established a new technical regulation in January 2000----G83/1. In fact, this regulation is jointly published by UK SSEG Association and the British Standards Institute. By now, only certificated by G83, the solar inverter product s can enter the UK PV market.

Omnik New Energy Co., ltd is an energetic high technology enterprise whose staff are elite from home and abroad especially Germany, and have many years of experience in PV inverter industry specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of photovoltaic (PV) inverters. this certification Successfully obtained which means the Omniksol serial products have to get through strict inspection and equipped with comprehensive stability, which also means a symbol that Omniksol grid connected inverter totally mean the requirement with UK PV system. It is also provided a quality assurance for our strategy for UK market!

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