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Tutti i plugin di jQuery in una sola libreria | Edit - Il blog di

Se è vero che jQuery prevede uno sconfinato numero di plugin allora è pure vero che tutti i plugin possono essere macro classificati in base a comuni funzionalità da offrire al proprio pubblico di utenti.
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mPayments: gli operatori mobili italiani uniti per lo sviluppo della prima piattaforma comune per i pagamenti NFC

Telecoms - Gli operatori mobili italiani - Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia, Wind, 3 Italia e PosteMobile - uniscono le forze con l’obiettivo di creare un ecosistema che permetta un’ampia diffusione e fruibilità dei servizi di pagamento contactless...
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Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter da DVDVideoSoft è lanciato per risolvere i problemi di compatibilità tra browser

Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter da DVDVideoSoft è lanciato per risolvere i problemi di compatibilità tra browser | Software Programming |

Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter è un'applicazione progettata per utilizzare completamente la tecnologia HTML5 e fornire i video supportati multi-browser e con i lettori, che sono flessibili nel design, a qualsiasi

proprietario del sito web.

Lo scopo principale della specifica HTML5 è quello di trasferire la riproduzione di video e audio multimediale al browser senza installare plug-in aggiuntivi. Tuttavia, gli sviluppatori di browser non possono decidere i quali formati video devono essere supportati dalla specifica HTML5 e non c'è nessun lettore con l'interfaccia unificata.

Questo è dove Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter funzionerà. Il programma converte qualsiasi video in entrambi formati *.mp4 e *.ogv che sono compatibili con HTML5 e che possono essere riprodotti nei tutti browser moderni. Il lettore video HTML5 sviluppato da DVDVideoSoft si integra facilmente in qualsiasi browser e qualsiasi pagina web. Il lettore sceglierà automaticamente il formato necessario a seconda del browser utilizzato dal visitatore del sito.

DVDVideoSoft ha eseguito la gran parte del lavoro, al fine di unificare l'aspetto del lettore e farlo funzionare nel migliore dei modi nei tutti browser. Il programma crea i diversi tipi di lettore, ad es. classic player, simple player e one-button player. Tutti i lettori sono disponibili nei diversi colori. Inoltre il codice sorgente del lettore HTML5 è aperto quindi è facile da adattarlo alle esigenze attuali e anche migliorarlo.

Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter possiede dell'interfaccia semplice e funzionale. L'utente ha solo bisogno di aprire i file di input, scegliere il tipo di lettore e il suo colore e poi cliccare sul pulsante "Converti". Dopo l'utente ottiene video *.mp4 e *.ogv, un lettore e una pagina di esempio con il codice HTML che devono essere copiati sul sito.

Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter è disponibile per il download direttamente dal sito web della società La società prevede di continuare lo sviluppo dell'applicazione così qualsiasi feedback è benvenuto sul forum e sulle pagine di Facebook.

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15 Of The Sharpest Up And Coming CEOs In Silicon Valley

15 Of The Sharpest Up And Coming CEOs In Silicon Valley | Software Programming |

Here's the Tech CEO best of the best list via Business Insider. Tech startups CEOs give a great view of what's next.


Here's two from the full list that were quite fetching in ingenuity and business style.  It's also an easy to browse, via click, article. ~  Deb




Jamie Wong speaks multiple languages and has spent her life traveling the world. Now she's building a startup that makes it much easier for everyone to do the same.]


Vayable basically shortens the process of planning a vacation from 30 hours down to about 5 minutes. It makes it easy to plan "experiences," like touring the Louvre with a French student instead of riding a tour bus around town.


Patrick Collison's Stripe has become the go-to provider for accepting payments online. It makes it dead simple to add a way to pay for things on just about any app.


That's great for other founders, because payments are typically the most tricky part of building an application, and can take months to finally get off the ground. With Stripe, it's just a few lines of code.

Read more:

Via Deb Nystrom, REVELN
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Is JavaScript the Future of Programming?

Is JavaScript the Future of Programming? | Software Programming |
JavaScript is a great first programming language to learn but also is becoming more universal and useful for experienced developers.

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5 things every mobile site needs to deliver

5 things every mobile site needs to deliver | Software Programming |
By Michael ScullyBy 2013, more people will be searching the Web on their mobile phones than on a desktop or laptop.


When you first decide to launch a mobile site, you might ask yourself, is it not just like my desktop Web site, but smaller? Definitely not.

Today’s mobile users are on-the-go, looking for information that is easy to access and quick to find, all on a screen one-twentieth the size of their traditional monitor.

By 2013, more people will be searching the Web on their mobile phones than on a desktop or laptop. Below are the five things that your mobile site needs to deliver.

1. Simplicity. The mobile screen is significantly smaller than a traditional desktop screen, and it cannot be used to clearly represent the same amount of information as a traditional desktop screen. Keep it simple.

You may have to reorganize or reprioritize your information to keep it easily accessible on the small screen. Make sure on any given screen, the user can spot right away where she is supposed to look, what she should click, and what she is able to do with your site.

2. Touch-friendly user interface. Thumbs are bigger than mouse pointers, so leave plenty of space between links. Use big buttons and avoid small text links that can be very difficult to tap accurately with a finger.

If your mobile Web site is designed like an application, consider grouping general navigation options at the bottom of the screen rather than the top. It is easier for someone to tap the bottom of the screen while holding the device at the same time.

This is counter to most desktop sites, where the main navigation usually lives on the top of a site.

3. Contextual relevance. According to Google, one out of seven searches are currently made on a mobile device.

Mobile Web users are often looking for something very specific.

If a visitor to your site is on-the-go, what is she most likely looking for? It is highly likely she is looking for a) your location, b) your hours, or c) your phone number, so put that front and center.

Make sure this information is easy to find, and do not bury it on a sub-page like you might on a desktop site.

4. Speedy load time. Load time matters. A study from Gomez found that 40 percent of consumers would abandon a mobile Web site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

In that same survey, 71 percent stated that they expect a mobile site to load as fast, if not faster, as on their home computer.

A lot of variables affect wireless connectivity and transfer speeds. Not all of them are under your control, so use technology solutions to optimize the parts you can.

Be sure your images and videos are right-sized including smaller files for smaller screens, minimize and send only relevant code, use caching and CDNs, and watch your performance statistics.

5. Path to more information. Your mobile visitors are your most driven users. They are actively seeking you out to connect and jumping through extra hoops to do so.

Give visitors a way to interact with you from your mobile site. This can be the ability to find directions to your store, to click-to-call or even to buy something, since 50 percent of searches lead to a purchase.

ONCE YOUR MOBILE site has been developed, you can leverage it as a key component of your communications strategy. Integrate it seamlessly with your existing voice, text and social outreach, use it to gain opt-ins for your mobile database or grab a piece of the mobile commerce pie.

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