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Work-Life Balance: Why Are You Working So Hard?

Work-Life Balance: Why Are You Working So Hard? | Sociology |

Maintaining a healthy balance between your work and personal life is important in today's busy world. So take a tip and ask yourself why are you working so hard.



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Susan Taylor's curator insight, November 20, 2013 7:40 PM

Have you ever asked yourself why you work so hard?  As you consider work-life balance, now is not the time to stop asking questions.


While balance means something different for everyone, if you are feeling less satisfied in your life, it's time to examine why.  Do you feel as if you are spending more time in one aspect of your life to the detriment of another?  Many of us are "concerned about the scales tilting too heavily into the work realm, at the cost of not having a satisfying non-work life."


If this is the case for you, you need to deeply understand what motivates you to work so hard.  Are you seeking a sense of accomplishment?  Do you feel you need to reach certain financial goals?  Do you crave a certain lifestyle?


Often times, asking "why" questions will show you that you are working hard as a way to fulfil a perception of how things "should" be.  "In a culture where we are constantly being bombarded with information and images, it's easy to get caught up in this idea."




Karen Switzer-Howse's curator insight, November 21, 2013 1:22 AM

Too often people get caught up in trying to "balance" their life.  But really "balance" is for the birds!  Consider what it means to be "in balance" - once balanced nothing is moving!  My life was and is neer so peaceful - and static!  Personaly I see life as more of a dynamic equilibrium, in a constant state of flux but overall considering all areas and ignoring none. At any given time you may put more emphasis on one area over another but in the long run - it all "balances" out.