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The world of “big data” is changing dramatically right before our eyes – from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used.

The trend presents enormous challenges, but it also presents incredible business opportunities.

By 2020, over 1/3 of all data will live in or pass through the cloud Data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009 Individuals create 70% of all data. Enterprises store 80%

The Infographic by CSC helps you visualize some of the latest trends and illustrates the importance of shifting from “collecting to connecting data” to search relationships between data sets to help reveal valuable new insights.

The Data rEvolution Report, also explains how data analysis can enable companies to succeed through looking ahead, anticipating and planning.

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Data rEvolution Report : [PDF]

Infographic: [PDF]

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