launches social TV platform ‘CBS Connect’ | SocialTVNews |

Social TV continues to mature and become the main web strategy for major TV networks. has just launched CBS Connect, “a new social hub connecting fans with each other and CBS stars.”

The site will be a single destination where they will aggregate content from Twitter and Facebook across all of CBS’ programming. The new platform is aimed to allow fans of CBS shows to connect even further with the stars of the shows. It’s no surprise that CBS is taking their social TV offerings to the next level.

In April 2011 they launched their first “Tweet Week“, followed by a second one the following fall. Then as sweeps week rolled up, they launched “Social Week” a social TV event to ramp up in time for sweeps week. NCIS Los Angeles will be the first show to hold a Twitter party during the May 15th, two-hour finale. Marc DeBevoise, the SVP/GM for the CBS Interactive Entertainment Division promised more social TV in November and we spoke with him exclusively about this new launch and the sponsor (Skype) they’re launching with.