The CW’s audience was born into the social web. This fact has forced the network to quickly adapt to the Gossip Girl and Vampire Diary-loving fans that are loud, passionate and screen-agnostic when it comes to programming. We spoke to Rick Haskins, The CW’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital Programs about their social TV strategy.


The CW recently made some big announcements at their upfront. They’ll be running their new programming non-stop through the holidays beginning in October, a move that will benefit the short attention spans of their viewers. They’re also launching “Fandemonium,” a multi-screen game show to become the network’s number one social TV fan.


In the last year, the network has also begun giving their young viewers a better reason not to download content illegally. They’re deal with Hulu has allowed their shows to show up, legally only soon after they’ve aired. We spoke to Haskins about his social media team and their plans for the coming TV season.


Lost Remote: Are there any shows in particular that received an extraordinary amount of buzz on the social web?


Rick Haskins: Absolutely, Vampire Diaries, hands down is probably our most social. When we open up a new season, we rely almost entirely on our social media on Facebook and Twitter to get the news out that we’re coming back for a new season and we don’t rely as much as on air, because we don’t need to, because there is such an active community.


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