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Suggested by Brian J Wood!

Lighting Fires, Trust and Buying Old Tools

Lighting Fires, Trust and Buying Old Tools | Digital & Internet Marketing News |

Last week I Facebook messaged Frederick Nijm, one of the founders of, and told him I was planning to write an blog post about the topic of "Trust" and asked him to give me a little guidance

Kimberly Castleberry's insight:

"Trust online is value".... This is a really great article that picks up some really important quotes from Frederick Nijm that will remind you why we do the things we do in social branding and positioning. 

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Scooped by Kimberly Castleberry!

Why you do not trust yourself

Why you do not trust yourself | Digital & Internet Marketing News |
You don't trust yourself, because you constantly beat yourself up for not doing enough. This article explains the number one source of internal conflict and self sabotage.
Kimberly Castleberry's insight:

Some surprisingly hard-hitting advise for entrepreneurs about why we are our own worst enemy. Not your ordinary piece of psycho-babble. This one's going to make you think. 

Vicki Link's curator insight, July 25, 2013 1:31 PM

So what holds YOU back from building something you've been dreaming of for perhaps a very LONG time?     


You know you want to build something, invent something, instill something into others but seems like the wildest obstacles keep coming your way...  I read this quote today and it's one I think I'll post on every mirror in my house:


"I myself AM going to do this. Others can't but - I CAN and I WILL."  - Tsongkhapa, famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism (1357-1419).


To do something really big means taking that 'inner wussy' that's been hiding out and evicting it. This is not for the weak of heart.   But what if you surprised yourself, learned a few new skills and realized you could trust yourself to pull the unusual off? How would you feel about YOU then?