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This guest post from James Gurd discusses why social media is an important part of SEO and how Google Analytics Social reports can help.


From The Article: "Social media signals started to play a part in search engine algorithms back in December 2010 but it wasn’t until 2011 that the likes of Google really started to pay attention and dedicate more effort to indexing social content and using social signals to boost content in search results. For a neat history of Google algorithm changes, turn to SEOMoz.


Furthermore, as Google ploughs on with its paid inclusion Armageddon, less and less organic content is appearing above the fold.


This means web marketers need to think of SEO in broader terms – not focussing on keywords and markup, but rather using content to excite customers and encourage them to click and share. This will tick the current SEO box but also help ensure there is a level of protection when and if pure SEO experiences diminishing returns.


So, Which social signals currently influence search results?


With over 200 search signals and constant changes, it’s hard to be precise. However, there are some key signals that are worth noting".


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