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Why StumbleUpon sends me heaps of traffic

Why StumbleUpon sends me heaps of traffic | SocialMedia_me |
Socialable helps businesses leverage social media so that they can generate more revenue for their business. Listed in Forbes as one of the top social media power influencers
Alessandro Rea's insight:

I’m often asked where I get my traffic from and currently Stumble Upon combined with Twitter are my top referral sites. Most people who read my blog know how much I love Twitter and I have mentioned before on webinars that I’ve held my secret weapon of using Stumble Upon with Twitter and how by using both of them together it dramatically increases my traffic.

There are many URL shortners out there, is a very common one – in fact one of the great things about is that you can spy on how much traffic your competitors are getting who use To do this you simply put their link in followed by the + and voila you can see the amount of clicks and stats also has a customizable feature which is pretty cool.

But my favourite URL that I personally use is which is Stumble Upon’s url shortner. This little baby is a very powerful url shortner as not only does it shorten your links as does (and of course providing all the usual tracking etc) but your link is also seen by Stumble Upon’s community (currently over 11 million and growing). Whenever I’m posting links on Twitter I use the shortner and add that to my Twitter update.

You can see here my blog post I did only yesterday has already accumulated 475 clicks in a day – not bad just from combining Twitter and Stumble Upon.

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The Secret to Getting Highly Targeted Traffic from StumbleUpon

The Secret to Getting Highly Targeted Traffic from StumbleUpon | SocialMedia_me |

Since late 2010, StumbleUpon has been one of the top sources of social media traffic in the US, even surpassing Faceboook as a referrer.


In fact, using StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your site can produce some amazing results. According to Shell Harris, StumbleUpon basically built her website TopTenz. Here are some of her stumble numbers that she shared:


That’s huge traffic that can create some pretty lucrative income stream. The only problem is that traffic isn’t very targeted and your conversion may suck.


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