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"Curators sort through it, find the wheat in the chaff, and present it in a friendly manner” . I would agree with this definition however would also add that a curator would also share their perspective and perhaps alternative ( or supporting) viewpoint using the posts that they have selected.Why curate?

Curation provides another offering for your on-line audience. It also helps reduce the noise of the plethora of information on the internet. Cuation also provides a stream of fresh posts for your site or blog.

The whole article (link below) is worth the read - and this is certainly a 'future focus' area for information collection.  I use Scoopit and have seen a few Paperli pages - but the rest are new to me!


Read more: http://socialmediapearls.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/40-social-media-curation-sites-and-tools/

Via Shirley Williams (appearoo.com/ShirleyWilliams), Martin Gysler