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This piece and infographic was posted by Jeff Bullas.


It's a great illustration of why you should be on Pinterest and how you should use it.




"Photos are highly engaging and the rise of the visual pinboard Pinterest is to become the 60th most visited site in the US last month provides more data to verify the attractiveness of beautiful images on this visual pinboard social media network site"


Who's using Pinterest?


**Females 25-34 – 27%

**Females 35-44 – 29%

**Females 45-54 – 24%


How Engaging is Pinterest?


What is more telling is to compare the amount of time that the average user spends per month on the other social networks as a comparison measure of the level of engagement.


**Facebook is the most engaging site on the planet at 405 minutes per month

**Pinterest and Tumblr are equal in second place at 89 minutes

**Twitter comes in third at 21 minutes

**LinkedIn – 17 minutes

**Google Plus – 3 minutes


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Pinterest Watch"


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