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Knotebooks is a unique approach to the open educational resource (OER) movement, providing users with the tools to create, collaborate on and share customized, self-guided physics lessons. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional or self-learner, we think you'll really enjoy being a part of this burgeoning educational community.


Our goal is simple: to make all physics — from the basics of classical mechanics to the cutting edge research in high-energy topics — accessible, understandable, interactive and free. As a company, our mission is to expedite access to knowledge and create more effective methods of learning using customizable, student-focused tools.


Create self-guided multimedia lessons, study guides and course supplements for college and graduate level physics using a global body of knowledge.
Share, collaborate and get help on any topic in physics within a community of academic minds, fully referenced material and peer reviewed content.

Custom build a lesson according to your (or your audience's) specific level of knowledge and style of learning for a more fruitful online academic pursuit.

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