Thoughts on the Digital Video Space: 10 Predictions for the Second Screen Industry in 2013 | Social TV is everywhere |

It seems that technology triggers are often accompanied by the hype of future potential benefits, while the real value is elusive and slower to appear than industry journalists, analysts, or pundits would like, but I am going to lay out 10 scenarios that will develop in this still nascent industry during 2013 :


1.  The "digital land grab" continues, marked by consolidation, failure, and improved user experiences.

2.  Social feeds will be a feature, not the experience.

3.  "Discovery" will become a household word.

4.  Tablet and smartphone usage reports will become about activities related to the TV.

5.  Studios and networks save money, apps grow in 2 directions.

6.  Gamification will begin to lose favor with the press and consumers, only to begin to add value again towards the end of 2013.

7.  Amazon and Ebay will engage in a battle for the Second Screener's M-Commerce.

8.  Cloud-based digital lockers will finally be taken seriously by consumers and the rest of the ecosystem.

9.  Device makers will jump into second screen with both feet.

10.  ACR and the battle of the digital video ecosystems.


Via Nicolas Weil