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Excerpt from article by Nigel Cameron: "Twitter still comes in for high-blown denunciations from Great Persons who have never used it. But I ventured to suggest the other day (in a tweet, of course) that it is now an open question whether anyone can be a paid-up member of the commentariat in 2011 without a Twitter handle. Because while it is presently used for a score of different purposes (from chat-chat among friends to crass marketing efforts to smart customer service to newsgathering that beats any other source) at its core it offers two interlocking experiences which deliver value so great it is hard to measure."

Tina: Nigel goes on to explore how twitter is used for research and as a cocktail party. Read more here:  http://nigelcameron.wordpress.com/future/why-twitter-matters/ ;

I specifically liked how Nigel expounded on his use of twitter for research and as a "knowledge network".  

Via Mattia Nicoletti