UK STUDY: Social Media Changing Customer Service | Social on the GO!!! |

This article and infographic is from PR Daily and there are some encouraging findings about the social customer and the shift in customer service from call centers to social media engagement 


A recent U.K. study from Fishburn Hedges, found that 65 percent of consumers prefer social media for customer service concerns, while a mere 7 percent opt for call centers.


It would be interesting to see how this study compares with the customers in the US and what percentage of customers are using social media to engage with brands. Here's what caught my attention:


Don't let social media define you


**Your brand must define it. It mus be a continuation of a brand using the appropriate channels and not a kee-jerk reaction to following hows others are using it


**Customer data offers insight into behavior, but social media takes that to a different level, enabling brands to tap into emotions


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


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