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Robert Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing interviewed Andrew Grill of PeopleBrowsr, the developers of Kred.


Measuring online influence seems to be pretty hot in the marketing world these days.


The interview is split into 2 Youtube videos and will take 37 minutes of your time to watch them both, but


**I can assure you that if you have an interest in Influence Metrics, your time will be very well spent!


Here's a synopsis:


PeopleBrowsr pays Twitter for their Firehose.


For better or worse, this means that they have

access to EVERY Tweet dating back to 2008 – a total of 55Bn (from approx. 100m @names) at the time of the interview, raising by approximately 1 billion each week, or 10,000 a second.


Each of us can imagine some possible negative ramifications for Twitter selling our Tweets to whoever pays the fee,


**but this particular project is all about helping people and businesses.

Grill sets up his thoughts on Influence by relating the difference between him being at a Networking event and traditional



He would scope the crowd looking for people who look interesting, stand near them and listen for a while, finally interjecting himself into the conversation when he feels he can add something.


This, contrasting with the traditional method of advertising: going into a crowd with a megaphone!


Kred currently has two measurements:


Influence score by local community, It will create communities based around locale and sphere of influence.


He defines Influence as changing people’s minds or getting them to take an action.

Outreach score: This shows your generosity of sharing and thanking people for their tweets or recommendations

People will be able to go back any number of days to see tweets of people who interest them.

Kred will train people, not necessarily in how to raise their scores, bu]t in how to make use of what their numbers are telling them.


**Another aspect of Kred is that people can be awarded points for ‘offline influece’, such as awards they may have received


**Grill admits that it will be a couple of years before scoring platforms are able to bring people everything they might wish to see, but feels that we are on the right path.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"


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